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Copywriter & Marketing Consultant at Quill Canvas

About Me

My name is Parth Misra and I am a certified inbound marketing strategist, writer, and marketing consultant.

After earning my Master’s Degree in Marketing from the Assumption University, Thailand in 2009, I worked with a publishing house, an e-commerce enterprise with multiple products and a marketing company providing consultancy to some of the biggest hospitality establishments in Asia over a period of 5 years.

I began freelancing part time as a writer in 2009 mostly to vent out my creativity and expand my repertoire. I have since worked with a large number of businesses in a variety of different industries spanning health, technology, finance, shopping, jewelry, automobiles, sales, marketing, and electrical appliances.

I have written articles, designed landing pages and sales letters for multi-million dollar firms and have created social media marketing strategies for major hospitality and dining establishments in Thailand. Fast-forward to 2014 and I finally decided to turn my freelancing work into a full-time career.

Quill Canvas is my way of offering you a service which remains true to the art of writing. I do not practice gimmicks like keyword stuffing, or rewording old articles, every piece I create is custom written to inform and entertain your audience.

Having worked in the e-commerce industry for over 5 years, I am also well versed with the latest search engine optimization practices and social media marketing strategies.

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My Writing Samples

5 Attention Retention Hacks for the ADHD Entrepreneur

ADHDers have an uncanny knack for finding ways where there are none, unleash sheer, raw creativity and come up with the most ingenious solutions to pressing problems making entrepreneurship a very ideal career path. That being said, while there are many advantages the perpetually scanning brain of the ADHD persuasion presents its wielder with; caution is advised. Most ADHD entrepreneurs also discover their superpowers only work when they are performing an activity they really enjoy.


5 Plug And Play Solar Power Website Widgets To Supercharge Your Online Lead Generation Efforts

Leads, what would a business do without them? Nothing quite beats that feeling of glee and hopefulness when you see a spreadsheet full of contacts, amongst which hide your next few accounts! But getting qualified leads is easier said than done. In fact, a survey conducted by the B2B Technology Community found that 61% of B2B marketers thought generating high quality leads was the biggest challenge they faced. You might even agree if you have tried lead-gen before.


Is Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset a Hint of the Future?

In a word, yes, and if the recently announced $2 billion Facebook acquisition of Oculus Rift is any indication, then hell yes! Virtual Reality has long been that gray area between science fiction and reality; it looked very futuristic, and it was also a technology that was commercially available. However being costly and still not quite there yet (low res displays, poor field of view and lack of total immersion) meant that it never gained any traction.


Sticky Power – New Peel And Stick Solar Cells Could Give TFSCs A New Lease Of Life

The solar panel has always been looked upon as the undisputed icon of clean, limitless energy. However, though they have been around since the 1950s, their adoption has been hindered by technological and cost barriers. Most solar panels you see on rooftops and solar power stations are made from crystalline silicon (c-Si), which is expensive to procure and work with. They are also very rigid in construction, which limits their installation to flat surfaces only.



Freelance Copywriter, Marketing Consultant

Quill Canvas is all about creating content which your audience will love! Great user experience is at the heart of everything I do. I know how to create content that can not only find its way to the top of search engine pages, but more importantly, entertains and informs the readers as well. I can create blog posts, white papers, articles, landing pages, press releases, and website content tailored to your business requirements.

Company: Quill Canvas

I worked there from 3/2014 until now

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