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Renae Gregoire


Lead more prospects to YES | Marketing writer, brand strategist | INFJ | Expressive, intuitive, high standards

About Me

Before talking about me, let's talk about...


You're a marketer, business owner, entrepreneur, publisher.

Maybe you need help with how you communicate the value of your brand. Perhaps your funnel's not working the way it should. Or maybe you're unhappy with the state of your website and marketing content--they're not leading prospects to YES.

Maybe writing's not your thing, your team is drowning in other work, or you lack a strong, in-house scribe. Whatever the case, you need an experienced freelance marketing writer—NOW.



Marketing writer, editor, critical thinker, obsessive questioner, and excellent-results deliverer who adds value to every engagement by:

Whether you need 10-12 hours to whip up a conference handout, 40 hours over two weeks to rewrite web content, or a retainer-based relationship for a complete content overhaul and those last-minute projects that continually crop up, you can count on me.

Visit www.ineedcopy.com to learn more about me, sample my style, and find out how I work. Like what you “hear,” here and there? Please get in touch so we can talk more.

WriterRen on Skype or Hangouts

Specialties: Writing, marketing, substantive editing, developmental editing. Skilled at building a compelling case for companies, products and services. Adept at many genres, from rhetoric-free consulting reports, white papers and research syntheses to creative marketing copy, blog posts and essays. Master of the nuances of tone, style, organization, clarity and coherence. Critical, reflective thinker. An aptitude for synthesizing, interpreting and presenting information that meets a reader’s knowledge requirements.

Industries I Write About


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My Writing Samples

Direct mail

Direct mail letter for niche insurance industry


Blog post series

Series of blog posts about "activist investors"


Ghosted CEO article: Knowing your why

This CEO sends a monthly newsletter to his membership group; I've been writing for him for about 2.5 years.


How to avoid being a bad news story in Q4 and beyond

I ghosted this article after a 30-minute phone call.


FastTrack to Success (SaaS guide)

A pre-sales guide I wrote and designed based on email interviews and my knowledge of the company.



Freelance content writer, freelance marketing writer, freelance business writer, brand strategist

Starting with $20, a dream, and self-confidence, I hung my shingle as a freelance marketing writer and created The Write Idea, today a successful freelance marketing, writing, and brand strategy firm. Over the years, clients have called on me to strengthen value propositions, give them an outside-in perspective on the experiences they present to their customers, and write and edit marketing materials: Web content, ebooks, proposals, presentations, research reports, benchmarking reports, brochures, success stories, blog posts, white papers, customer communications, direct mail letters, email newsletters, email nurture campaigns, press releases, trade articles, flash scripts, and more. My favorite freelance projects are those calling on me to step into the shoes of and write content for smart people who like to read, want to buy, but hate to be sold, projects like these: ► Freelance ebook writer | Rewrite a marketing ebook for a B2B SaaS firm ► Freelance web content writer | Rewrite web content for the same B2B SaaS firm ► Freelance success story writer | Write a success story for a different B2B SaaS firm ► Freelance ebook writer | Write a new marketing ebook for that same B2B SaaS firm ► Freelance PowerPoint editor | Fine-tune a client presentation for a management consultancy ► Freelance ebook writer | Turn pages of dense text into a fun, easy-to-read B2B ebook ► Freelance web content writer | Organize and write web content to sell seminar seats ► Freelance direct mail writer | Write a direct mail letter targeting medical professionals ► Freelance brochure writer | Write a brochure series for a leading B2C insurance provider ► Freelance brochure writer | Write a B2B capabilities brochure for a digital print firm ► Freelance SEM writer | Write landing pages, emails, & more for a nurture campaign What content or experience projects do you need help with? WriterRen@gmail.com WriterRen on Skype or GChat 828.685.7370

Company: The Write Idea | The Yes Advantage

I worked there from 4/2001 until now

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