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B2B Blogger, Ghostwriter, Copywriter

About Me

One of the biggest challenges in just about any modern industry is gaining your prospects' trust. Anyone can claim to be "the best in the business" (those that do usually aren't), but, unless you can prove your worth, your prospects are going to remain skeptical.

That's where I come in.

I create blog posts, case studies, and other forms of web copy for organizations looking to increase their reach and position themselves as reliable thought leaders in their industry.

Your audience needs to know that you know your stuff. By creating long-form blog posts, articles, and ultimate guides for your organization, I help you provide value to your audience they won't find elsewhere. Once your readers see how much you have to offer, they'll continue to engage with your company throughout the sales process. Your audience also needs to trust that you can follow through on your claims. I create case studies detailing your satisfied clients' experiences with your product or service. By presenting social proof that your organization does exactly what you say it does, you increase the chances of prospects becoming paying customers.

What about the rest of your site's copy? Is it completely optimized to make your readers' experience as pleasant and informative as possible? Even the slightest hiccup can be enough to make them hit the back button. I analyze and assess your site's copy to ensure your audience is engaged at all times.

Check out my website to see more of what I'm all about at: mattducz.com

For more information, or to get in touch with me, email me at: matt@mattducz.com

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Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

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Investigating the effectiveness of case studies along the sales funnel​


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Though case studies and success stories are often seen as one and the same, they are both unique pieces of content.


The Ultimate Guide To Grow Your Business With Customer Surveys

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How to determine and improve your Net Promoter Score


7 Proven Ways To Improve Your Survey Response Rate

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Google Forms: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners (With Screenshots)

A primer for using Google Forms to create customer satisfaction surveys and other forms.


Starting With A Minimum Viable Product To Find Product-Market Fit

How to create an MVP to determine your product-market fit before developing a complete product.


How To Frame User Stories To Create Value For Your Customers

Creating user stories help you define your customers' needs and determine how they'll use your product.


Survey Questions & Design: How To Get People To Complete Your Survey

Customer surveys can help you understand how you've been able to meet your customers' needs - that is, if your customers actually complete them.



Professional Writer

Professional blogger and copywriter. See writing samples for details.

Company: Matt Ducz Writes

I worked there from 6/2016 until now

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