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Freelance Writer and Content Creator

About Me

Hello, my name is Kale and I have been a freelance writer and content creator for years. I look to inform, educate and entertain with my writing.

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My Writing Samples

Is The Video Game Industry Recession Proof?

Here I look at if the video game industry is recession proof.


Study Claims Video Games Trigger Flashbacks

Here I take a look at a study that claims video games can trigger flashbacks.


The Biggest Tech Failures in the Gaming Industry

This article looks at 5 of the biggest failures in the video game industry in terms of tech.


20 Ways to Earn Money Right From Your Computer

Here are some great ways to earn cash right from your computer!


How to Train and Retain Your Employees

I was responsible for writing about how to train and retain your employees in this newsletter.


Is Data Becoming the New Currency?

Is Data quickly becoming the newest form of currency?


Sports Data Analytics

Analytics are becoming more popular in sports than ever thought possible.



Writer, Content Creator, Blogger and Journalist

- Write content for a variety of different companies and websites in a number of different niches such as entertainment, business, finance, sports, video games and much more.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 8/2012 until now

Editorial Team

- Responsible for various tasks including editing, contributing to social media, seeking partnerships, creating popular stories, articles and interviews, as well as reporting news about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and related products, services and businesses. - Working with Yahoo Sports (one of the biggest sports news websites in the world) and ONE FC (the biggest MMA promotion in Asia) as well as having numerous articles and stories published in magazines and publications across the world. - Contacting, or responding to, athletes and businesses via social media, email or conference calls in order to set up interviews, features and partnerships that our audiences will enjoy.

Company: ONE Championship

I worked there from 6/2014 until now

Content I Write