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About Me

Engineer by academics, writer by profession. Owned award-winning blog CRMchump, its called BlogCRM now and is a part of the Gate58 network. Have been a freelance writer since 2004 and am enjoying it more than any of my past jobs. My work has afforded me the opportunity to write on a number of subjects. The bulk of my writing has been on Internet Marketing, Health, Obesity, Pets, Personal Finance, Travel, Product Descriptions, and Home Remodeling. I know what works post-Hummingbird. If you're looking for quality content that is more than just value-for-money then am your man. A few of the websites that I have written for - 1) Remodelormove.com 2) Petinsurance-101.com 3) Laparoscopic.md 4) Wooftunes.com 5) Onlinemarketinginct.com 6) Soleredemption.com 7) Akooclothingline.net 8) Hispamania.com 9) Learnaboutcrm.com Specialties: Researched articles on all types of subjects; Editing website content for language and veracity of matter; Writing ebooks; Forum posts; Blog Management.

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My Writing Samples

Strength Training and Obesity

There are many benefits of strength training when it comes to living a healthy, active lifestyle. Strength training isn’t just all about building or obtaining a bodybuilder-like physique. The average, everyday person can benefit from strength training – regardless of age or fitness level. Yes, strength training can help you to tone up. Strength training can also help to stop bone and muscle loss and may be beneficial for those with arthritis and heart conditions.


Houston - City Guide

A city guide written for one of internet's top apartment listing sites.


8 Tips for Successful Lead Prospecting With Twitter Advanced Search

Article on internet marketing for a client - One of the key features of successful lead generation is the ability to target the right audience at the right time. And the savvy internet marketer is always on the lookout for tools that can help them sift easily through information on social media and unearth real prospects. One such feature is Twitter Advanced Search.


Circuit Scribe – Doodle Your Own Electric Circuits

Circuit Scribe is a ball-point pen containing silver ink. The use of silver, a good conductor of electricity, enables users of the pen to quickly draw circuits. The device is of use to artists, students, electricians, and anyone who’s a tinkerer and likes to create useful gadgets.


Director's Cut Movie Camera Pinata

The camera-shaped Director's Cut Movie Camera Pinata is the perfect accessory for kids' parties and Hollywood-themed soirees. It will certainly get all the budding Spielbergs enthused -- if not about the craft of filmmaking, then certainly about the candy hidden in the belly of the pinata! This candy-belching movie camera pinata is 19" wide. Includes a discrete opening for loading with goodies. Stuff its cavernous tummy with the choicest treats, hitch pull strings (sold separately) to the pinata and have fun as everybody tries their luck getting it to offload its treasure!



Content developer

Self Employed content developer, work as a writer and editor for hire. I can 1) Create content for you, i.e. article writing. 2) Create a Wordpress blog for you from scratch and maintain it for you.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 1/2004 until now

Head Clerk

Write for my clients. They give me a brief, I give them content.

Company: The Boss Works from Home :)

I worked there from 1/2004 until now

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