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Writer, poet, and humorist

About Me

Nikhil NG is a writer, poet and humorist. Unfortunately the founder & CEO of Success Rider. He writes about career and relationship subjects and his writing helps people to successfully achieve career and relationship goals.

His poems have been published in Contemporary Poetry Digest and #1 Poetry Anthology, From The Heart. He has been featured in the 2015/2016 annual Poet's Showcase and Yearbook. And honored as one of the top poets.

Writing is both his passion and profession. In more than three years of professional experience, he has worked for several companies and managed myriad writing projects. Currently, on the creative side, he is under contract with Versvy company and writes riddles for them. He's a man full of thoughts and actions, lives in his own creative world, now learning how to be social. Feel free to contact this word-wizard. He wishes you a great successful day!

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Writer, Poet, Motivational Speaker, Humorist

Writing, editing and contributing valuable content, including creative projects, to several companies.

Company: Success Rider

I worked there from 3/2013 until now

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