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Content Marketer | Brand Strategist

About Me

I help companies build and strengthen their brand identity, increase profitable leads, and engage with their target customers via impactful content. Seven years in marketing communication across sectors and borders help me hone my clear and concise writing and my ability to collaborate and grow.

I am looking for opportunities to work with companies that hold sustainability at their heart.

My full portfolio is available at https://quynh.contently.com, and client testimonials can be found on my website https://quynh.nl. 

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My Writing Samples

How Sustainable Is Beechwood? Here Are the Facts

Beech is increasingly used for more household projects other than firewood. The wood is strong, comparable to oak, and its strength makes it suitable for furniture that withstands a lot of pressure. However, as the beech trees support many animals and birds, cutting down the trees hurts wildlife. So we had to ask: How sustainable is it to buy products made out of beechwood?


Motivate Employees With Perks That Scream Your Culture

A Blog Post, aiming at HR professionals, provides tips to motivate employees with perks


Website Copy

The copy for a company website, with several landing pages.


Facebook Fan Page

Multiple posts on the fan page that I currently manage.


GDPR II: What can you Still do With Customer Feedback?

You might want to know how the new law affects collecting and processing user feedback. The good news is: you can continue to gather valuable insights while being GDPR-compliant.



Content Marketer | Brand Strategist

I pride myself on the copy that I write, and I love to talk to clients who are passionate about their work. Passion is where all inspiring stories start. Check out my website (quynh.nl) for more content marketing services.

Company: Content by Quynh

I worked there from 6/2015 until now

Communications & Community Manager

Fargreen is a social enterprise working with a purpose of building prosperous and sustainable farming communities in rural Vietnam and around the world where no such environmental damaging practices like open burning of straw exist and no farmer left behind in poverty for choosing to stay with their land. What I am doing at Fargreen - Communications & PR Planning - Copywriting

Company: Fargreen

I worked there from 6/2015 until 6/2016

Vietnamese - English Trans-creator

Responsibilities: - Translate and trans-create ads from Vietnamese into English: 500,000+ words Skill set: - English writing - In-depth knowledge of cultural references

Company: Ebiquity plc

I worked there from 12/2010 until now

Content I Write