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I design insurance-based financial plans, financial calculators, and apps for business owners and professionals.

About Me

I design insurance-based financial plans, financial calculators, and apps for business owners and professionals.

I also help brands expand their educational and high-level content so they can help their customers improve their finances and accumulate wealth.

Have questions? Ask me anything.

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My Writing Samples

How To Be Smart In A World Of Dumb Investors

A simple guide to help individuals become better investors.


Key Person Insurance: How to pick a policy without getting ripped off

An introductory guide for business owners on how to shop for (and buy) key man life insurance.


How To Save 53.8% Of Your Small Business Income Without Tracking Individual Expenses

A short article on how to save money without budgeting or tracking individual expenses.


If You Hate Insider Trading, You Also Despise Dating

A controversial view on insider trading. This article explores the morality of trading on inside information and discusses the history of the practice through the 1920s and its effects on investors.


Altruism: The Real Ethical Dilemma that Financial Planners Face

A feature article in The Register which discusses the morality of altruism, its role in financial planning, and how it affects the advisor-client relationship.


Term vs Whole Life Insurance: The Essential Guide To Picking The Best Life Insurance Policy

A case study which explores the age-old question: does it make more sense to buy whole life insurance or buy term and invest the difference? This in-depth analysis reverse-engineers a sample whole life policy and compares its internal cost structure and cash value accumulation potential to an alternative buy-term-and-invest-the-difference strategy.




I design insurance-based financial plans, tools, and educational material.

Company: Monegenix®

I worked there from 9/2014 until now

Content I Write