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Freelance Writer & Copy Editor

About Me

I have been writing for over 25 years, with more than 1,200 articles published online since 2009 alone. My work has appeared on websites and in publications such as USA Today, Golflink, Houston Chronicle's Chron.com, AZ Central, Livestrong, The Nest, eHow, Dollar Stretcher Magazine, Outdoor SoCal, TheRichest.com, Listverse, AC Lion and Funds For Writers. I specialize in crafts, travel, tech, lifestyle, health and wellness, careers, finance, marketing and business. Having worked in the film and television industry for 23 years as a producer and literary manager, I also write articles on entertainment and broadcast media. I am thorough, collaborative, detail-oriented, full of ideas and I always make my deadlines. I have a bachelor's degree from UCSB and a master's from UCLA.

Industries I Write About


Health & Wellness




My Writing Samples

What Does a Documentary Editor Do?

Information on documentary editing as a career. Written for The Nest, a female lifestyle site.


Best Practices for Working with a Producer, Agent or Manager in Film & TV

Advice for film and television writers about best practices for working with producers and representatives. Written for Funds for Writers, a site dedicated to helping writers find paying work.


Weekly Haunted Attractions in East Tennessee

A list of haunted attractions located in eastern Tennessee, with basic information about each one. Written for USA Today's Travel Tips section.


Peplau's Nursing Theory

Details theories on nursing developed by Hildegard Peplau in 1952. Written for Career Trend.


Clever Ways to Reduce Your Rent

Unusual ways to cut down on rent payments. Written for Dollar Stretcher Magazine.


15 Popular Stars Who Became Criminals

List of 15 celebrities who had run-ins with the law. Written for TheRichest.com.


The Divine Programmer

How science proves the existence of God. Written for the Christian Courier, a Canadian publication.


What Is a 10 Panel Drug Test?

A description of the 10 panel drug test, its purpose and how it works. Written for AZ Central.


The Best Water Filter for Every Stage of Life

Marketing copy on five unique water filtration systems. Written for Brondell Water Filters.


How to Heat Up Your Bedroom Without Losing Your Shirt

Energy-saving ideas for the home. Written for Article Document.


How to Recruit Like A Marketer

How to effectively use marketing techniques in the world of HR and personnel recruitment. Written for AC Lion.


10 Real People Who Died Searching For Mythical Places

List of flesh-and-blood individuals who went searching for places only mentioned in legend and never came back. Written for Listverse.


My 6 Basic Strategies for Long-Term Investing

Strategies for wealth creation. Written for Medium.


How I Traded My Dad Bod for a Rad Bod

Information on body transformation, including healthy eating habits, exercise routines and lifestyle strategies.


The Effects of Prosumer Technology on Content Creation

How professional and consumer grade software and hardware have been melding in the entertainment industry, resulting in higher quality entertainment outside the studio system.


8 Reasons Charging Speeds May Differ

Information on what causes electric vehicles to charge at varying rates of speed. One of over 70 blogs written for EVCS, the leading EV charging network on the West Coast.


Franklin Canyon Park Trail Guide

Information on scenic Franklin Canyon Park and its various hiking trails, including length, difficulty, vegetation, animal life and history. Written for Outdoor SoCal.


About Polyester Cotton Blend

Data points on poly-cotton blends and their uses in the fashion and crafting industries. Written for Our Everyday Life.



Freelance Writer & Copy Editor

Fourteen years of professional writing and copy editing experience. Expertise in short- and long-form articles, blogs, white papers, lists and other content formats. Over 1,200 articles published since 2009. Close to 700 travel-related articles published. Wrote, rewrote and/or edited several dozen screenplays. Copy edited two novels. Currently serve as the sole blogger for a major electric vehicle infrastructure company. Deft research skills, quick turnaround times and a friendly attitude

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 9/2009 until now

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