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Freelance B2B Content Marketing Writer, Content Strategist, Content Marketing Consultant - HubSpot Certified

About Me

Looking for a tech B2B content marketing writer? Someone who knows a bit from a byte? Someone who gets tech?

Then perhaps we should connect.

I'm not like those tech-baffled writers you may have worked with in the past. My education is in technology (A.A. Computer Science; B.S. Computer Information Systems). I’ve worked in the industry (nearly a decade at IBM as a software developer; ISTQB certified software tester).

So I understand industry jargon such as SDLC. Hadoop data lakes. Agile software development. Structured and unstructured data. Relational databases and NoSQL databases. Regression testing.

And I do know the difference between a bit and a byte.

Does all the above mean that I’ll instantly understand your product offering? Of course not. But I’ll catch on quickly to your product or service – my background proves that I have a knack for getting my head around technical concepts. No deer-in-the-headlights look from this writer!

Curious about what I do?

A snapshot of my recent work would include:

· Multiple white papers and ghostwritten blog posts for an I.T. services firm

· A multi-part email re-engagement campaign for a business intelligence company

· Case studies and blog posts for an application performance management company

· A feature article for publication in Teradata Magazine

· Promotional articles (mostly ghostwritten) for placement in publications such as Airport Business, Earth Imaging Journal, Exploration & Production, Government Technology, Industrial Distribution, Today's Medical Developments, and others

· Web copy, brochure copy, and blog posts for a company that specializes in data migration services

· Multiple case studies for a business intelligence/analytics company

· A complete website rewrite for an I.T. company serving the federal sector

Industries I Write About



My Writing Samples

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Feature article.


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Feature article.


Is Your Business Cyber-Secure?

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Freelance Content Marketing Writer, Content Strategist

I'm a full-time freelance business-to-business copywriter. Specialties include: -Information Technology (I spent 8 years as a software developer at IBM) -Agriculture (I was a full-time farmer for more than 10 years - yes, really!) -Aviation (I've been a licensed pilot since the age of 17)

Company: Freelance Content Marketing Writer for B2B Technology Companies

I worked there from 8/2008 until now

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