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Writer at WriterAccess

About Me

David is a professional freelance writer. He produces ghostwritten content for clients just like you. He specializes in the creation of blog, article, web page, and eBook production. He is a veteran of the freelance world with over nine years experience. David understands SEO, inbound marketing, and the buyer's journey, buyer persona, and marketing. David works with the following Industries, though has written eBooks on most subjects.

• Outdoor Living – David writes about outdoor living spaces such as outdoor fireplaces, water features, and Zen gardens.

• Outdoor Adventures — David writes about camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and outdoor destinations such as specific rivers or national parks.

• Fishing — David is an avid fisherman and writes about fly fishing, fishing in Alaska, charter fishing, salmon fishing, steelhead fishing, fishing for trout, bass, and saltwater fishing.

• Home Living — David writes design and home improvement articles that range from paint selection to how-to guides for installing vinyl plank flooring. He has a deep understanding of HVACs and green home technology.

• Green Living — David’s life is all about green living. He writes about green products, how-to blogs and articles about making lifestyle changes, and decreasing energy usage, organic gardening, etc.

• Pest Control — David studied entomology and understands insects and pests. He writes detailed pest control articles that go beyond the standard “How to Spray for Ants” type articles that you see on every pest control page. He produces pest control content that stands out and that readers can relate too.

• Garden, Landscape, and Organic Gardening — David is a life-long gardener. He has a deep understanding of plants, growing, and food production. He produces easy to comprehend blogs and articles that inspire people to grow their own food.

• Agriculture — David has a farming background. He writes content for the small and medium-sized farmer, market farms, and flower farms. His articles range from seed selection to watering to pest management.

• Construction — David produces hundreds of web page and blogs for construction clients who need to build awareness of their brand, attract new customers, and to better compete in their market. He is a skilled writer who takes complex topics and converts them into blogs and articles that appeal to the average reader. 

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Content Freelance Writer

David is a professional freelance writer celebrating his seventh year at WriterAccess. He produces ghost written content for clients just like you. He has sold more than 5,000 pieces of content and over 2.4 million words. He understands marketing and the construction of content around marketing philosophies.

Company: WriterAccess

I worked there from 11/2009 until now

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