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Freelance Copywriter / Marketing Communications Consultant

About Me

I am a Marketing Consultant, Creative Director, Brand Guru and Senior Copywriter who has been working (playing, actually) with ideas, strategies and words for 20+ years and still love doing it. Lucky me. So, what's my personal elevator speech these days? Here goes: Creative with wit :) Strategic, integrated thinker. Corporate marketing and ad agency experience. Created billion dollar brands and start-up personalities. Heavy b-2-b background with high tech emphasis but just as facile in other industries. That's the short end of it. The meat of the story is that I have been fortunate enough to work in Fortune 500 companies to communicate and take a product or service to a global marketplace. And I have jumped into the ad agency side of things to create work that relates to customers and makes them want a product or service more than anything else they could ever imagine. I encourage big sky thinking to let a product or service expand and breathe. That means solving marketing challenges from a helicopter view all the way down to the tactical level. For some, I simply write or provide creative direction. For others, I create marketing campaigns, branding guidelines, marketing plans, you name it. If it relates to marketing, telling great brand stories and promoting a product or service, count me in.https://brandstory.online

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My Writing Samples

Crunch Your Way Through San Diego One Fish Taco at a Time

Client: Marriott You could cast a global net and not come up with better fish tacos than the ones in San Diego. So close to Mexico and the Pacific, it’s a no brainer. Flaky fried fish in a corn tortilla with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, lime and crema. How often can you hold joy in the palm of your hand?


If the Chicago Cubs Can Build a Diehard Brand, So Can You

Client: Full Surge Marketing Talk about building a loyal brand. Despite the Chicago Cubs' legendary lackluster performance, the ball club consistently fills seats every summer and creates diehard fans for life. In fact, their famous home, Wrigley Field, has never had a problem filling the stands; it's the only park in major league baseball whose attendance doesn't correlate with performance numbers.


Marketing Technology Decisions in a Data-Driven World

Client: Teradata The technology and organizational structure behind successful digital marketing


Deliverability: Getting to Your Customer's Inbox

Client: Teradata EMAIL RULE #1 If it doesn't make it to the inbox, it's a wasted effort. How do you avoid the digital black hole? With tested best practices that deliver messages. And results. "More than 20% of opt-in messages didn’t make it to the inbox; most of those didn’t even make it into spam folders."*


Preventure's Custom Wellness Community Boosts Employee Health and Business Success

Client: Salesforce.com Keep your employees connected at work, like they are everywhere else. Your employees are incredibly mobile and social. They are highly connected in their lives outside of the office, and they come to work expecting the same connected experience.


RoomKey PMS White Paper: The Impact of a PMS in the Guest Life Cycle

Today it’s critical to manage every stage of the hotel guest experience—from travel plans and hotel arrival to check out and any post-stay activities. Customer care starts long before guests step into the lobby. With increased touch points comes valuable potential for improved communication that can capitalize on more than just room revenue. A PMS is an indispensable technology tool for all aspects of the hotel business—improved operations, smarter marketing and sales initiatives as well as bett


What is Influencer Marketing? eBook

In the simplest of terms, Influencer Marketing is using the clout of a popular figure or leader—usually someone with a significant social media following—to get the word out about your company or product. Influencer marketing is similar to word-of-mouth advertising, but it’s not exactly the same thing. When your company depends on word-of-mouth marketing, it’s depending on current customers being so thrilled with your product that they are going to naturally want to tell all their friends and fa


Year-End 2016: How Major Cable Networks’ Contract Negotiations Could Impact the Way TV Channels Are Packaged

2016 saw a new wave of contract expirations (and cable network contract negotiations). As it turns out, 2016 was the year of the Fox Cable expiration. The success of AMC’s The Walking Dead is very much alive and well in 2017. Fans of this series may remember a time, however, when it seemed as though a stake would be driven through their hearts, as one of the biggest television providers in the country threatened to pull the plug on all things AMC-branded. In 2012, a major contract dispute occurred between AMC and Dish Network. Overnight, Dish replaced AMC, WE TV, and IFC with networks many subscribers hadn’t even heard of. In the midst of a major contract dispute, AMC leveraged its networks’ popularity to appeal to the masses (all 14 million of them) and garner a favorable position which eventually led to successful negotiations between the network and affiliate


How to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Consumers are wary of paid ads, and either ignore them or don’t trust them. But they do pay attention to recommendations from friends, family, and influencers. The influence of the influencer is increasing. A study conducted by Twitter and Annalect, an analytics firm, found that nearly half of the people surveyed depend on recommendations from influencers before they make a purchase.


Doctors Are People Too eBook

What can social media do for your dental or physician practice? Social media is the best way to tell your story. It speaks for you when you can't be there in person. Social media opens a window into your practice so that people can view you and your team and see what an amazing job you do for your patients. Social media does what no other medium can do: bring your practice to life in the minds of potential patients. This window gives people a view they cannot see just driving past your office or


Gap Analysis for Individual Training in the Call Center

Today’s call centers are on the front lines of most customer communications. Agents are called upon to not only manage direct interactions but perform at levels that engender customer loyalty for the long-term. That’s a heavy load but certainly one that skilled agents and center managers can manage. Quality assurance is the key dynamic and can be left to subjective interpretation without benefit of more analytic tools. Fortunately, agent scorecards can reveal strengths and weaknesses as a baseli


The Top 5 Trends in Digital Transformation in 2018

Most companies today will tell you that it’s no longer “business as usual” in any area of the enterprise. The only constant is change and digital disruption is the norm. But it’s no wonder when you think about the benefits of digital transformation. Companies implementing smart digital transformation strategies generate better gross margins and realize more earnings and net income than companies that are slower to adopt. According to Harvard Business School, leading companies in digital transfor


What You Should Know About the Teacher Next Door First Time Home Buyer Program

Being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs out there and those who choose this career path know the ups and downs of working in education. Some also know the frustrations of not being able to afford a home, especially in certain areas of the U.S. where housing costs continue to rise.




https://www.brandstory.online . You have seven seconds. Make them count.In seven seconds, you can stir your coffee. Send a text. Or hashtag a tweet. Not much time. Especially when you consider that it's also all the time you have to catch the attention of prospective customers. Sound daunting? It can be. Unless you have killer communications that not only attract but encourage lookers to engage. Easier said than done, you say. Not entirely. First you have to get brutally crisp about w

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