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brand strategy / storytelling / blogger

About Me

Fifteen years writing  brochures,  posts, articles, reviews, websites and anything else that requires words. Currently write for HuffPost and ReadThink. I'm a fast resourceful researcher developing strategies and content based on solid insights 

My areas of knowledge include corporate cultures, brand strategy, management and experiments in management. I've been following the tech industry and startups since the early nineties. I also write about trends, travel and lifestyle in general. I'm interested in everything. My t-shirt would say "curious".

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

overview of samples

blog posts, book reviews, white papers and marketing materials


company website

Samples of marketing materials for DHL, United HealthGroup, Cigna, Sheridan Healthcare, Intelens Technology and others.


blog post for MEDIUM

The business case for culture.


Less or more?

Musings on creativity, social media and possessions written for READ THINK.


DHL international brochure

How to discover and tell your company story




+uncover and articulate your strongest brand position and messages +discover and tell an authentic story that is meaningful to your customers +maximize culture as a competitive advantage +improve customer interactions by improving employee interactions For example: DHL’s post FedEx story delivered as brochure This project was researched, conceptualized, created, presented, approved and delivered to a multi-national group meeting budget, beating deadline and exceeding expectations. Kaufman Rossin Group recruitment brand Facilitated a Brandbooster session to uncover unique cultural advantages and researched competitors and industry trends on which to base our strategic recommendations. Upon approval of findings, materials were created to communicate with present staff and to attract high-performing new associates. Intelens Technology U.S. entry MRT micro a Norwegian tech company hired Brandbooster to oversee their entry into the United States market. After several Brandbooster sessions, including one to determine more uses for existing technology, a strategy for moving forward was developed and implemented. Sheridan Healthcare brand strategy Started from scratch with this fast-growing company. Working closely with the CEO and DOM, hidden assets were identified that led to development of brand promises and standards. A requested new corporate identity was developed. Then marketing materials that adhered to those standards were created. Choicepoint's brand architecture by product and market including messaging and identity

Company: Brandbooster

I worked there from 1/1996 until now


Write on politics, business, lifestyle and trends. My style ranges from serious to satire to silly.

Company: HuffPost

I worked there from 12/2016 until 12/2016

Content I Write