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Award-winning Canadian enterprise B2B and consumer technology journalist with more than 15 years of experience. Exceptionally well versed in stories aimed at CIOs, CSOs, CMOs, CFOs and other senior executives. An expert in how information technology (IT) is used by large companies.

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What The Network Will Know

The rise of "context-based computing" and its implications for IT management and industries around the world.


What the most powerful application economy superheroes can do

Everyone has something important to contribute to business success through software. Where some organizations fall flat, however, is in using working collaboratively to drive the right kind of results.


The uses and abuses of trademarks online

Recent cases are making it more difficult than ever to give clients good advice about how to properly register and maintain trademarks in an increasingly online — and increasingly globalized — world


Genius at work

Instead of waiting for lightning to strike, smart companies are creating systems to cultivate innovation throughout their ranks.


How Manulife is using data to boost financial readiness

Online quiz shows 28% of consumers aren't prepared to meet our goals


Chasing data

The variety of tools, services, and delivery models has only become more complicated with time, as has the nature of the data that might fall under e-discovery


As you hunt for a Pokemon Go strategy, here's some direction

AR and location-based gaming has arrived with a force -- so why force ads into it?


Marketing vs. sales: How to close the divide

Experts explain the reasons alignment is so hard to achieve


More women in the C-Suite? The numbers don't look good

Kirstine Stewart and others discuss what may keep women out of the corner office



Editor-in-Chief, Marketing Magazine

Editorial direction for Canada's oldest business-to-business publication, focusing on advertising, public relations and other marketing professionals as they evolve from traditional channels to digital experiences.

Company: Rogers Media

I worked there from 11/2015 until 11/2016

Editorial Director/Chief Content Officer/Digital Content Strategist/

Freelance writing, editing and related content marketing/brand journalism services. This includes creating relevant content to highly specialized audiences of senior IT decision makers that contributes to successful lead generation and other inbound marketing strategies. Also speaking, hosting, and facilitation of live events, roundtables, panel discussions, Webinars and Webcasts. Current projects include: Editor at Large, IT World Canada (CanadianCIO.com): I managed a digital brand that focuses on chief information officers, IT directors and other senior technology decision-makers. With a focus on content, community and commerce, we look at emerging technologies and walk through each stage of the buying process to help CIOs reach business outcomes. Editor, expertIP (Blog.Allstream.com): As an online community produced by Canada's leading business communications provider, expertIP showcases the voices of Allstream subject matter experts, industry analysts and network professionals at Canadian organizations. We covered unified communications, business continuity, big data and much more. Editor, Fierce Markets (FierceDeveloper.com): As businesses grapple with the increasing consumerizaiton of IT and bring-your-own-device issues, FierceDeveloper.com provides insight into emerging trends in mobile applications on iOS devices, Android and Windows Phone, among other platforms. Technology columnist, Yahoo! Canada (ca.yahoo.com/finance/blogs/insight) I wrote twice a week (2012-mid-2014) for an audience of investors about the technology companies that matter, their strategies and what they mean for the sector as a whole.

Company: ShaneSchick.com

I worked there from /2012 until now

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