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Founder at TechContentLabs

About Me

I've covered numerous marketing, technology, and tech-related topics. You can see some of my works on

I have a rich background in ethical search engine optimization (SEO) both for technical and the on-page SEO.

Since 2010, I've set up seven WordPress websites and managed five of them. My experience as a webmaster has enriched me with first-hand knowledge of how issues like

and other technical issues influence user experience and SEO. And I tap from the benefits of this knowledge in creating valuable content for brands. 

On handling images for my content creation duties, I'm familiar with image editing. I can conveniently source appropriate royalty free and public domain images. I can screenshot, annotate, resize, edit, reduce (weight), and even create unique pictures as needed for my content creation work.

I've written hundreds of search engine optimized articles on a wide range of tech and marketing topics. And I've used ethical link building tactics to gain backlinks to some of these articles.

I have a firm grasp of on-page SEO rules and the effect of backlinks and linkless mentions (both the positive and negative impact) on content. I also use Yoast SEO when working on articles.

I've ghostwritten on hundreds of topics. Some of the regular themes for tech are

And the regular themes I've covered for marketing and business include

I'd worked as an independent contract writer and online researcher under an NYC-based firm. In that time, I covered more than 350 writing projects for the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Deloitte, Bloomberg Beta, Accenture, and PwC, to mention a few. I use Boolean Search Operators proficiently and have a deep understanding of advanced online search.

I learn fast and enjoy exploring new things. So I'm capable of covering a wide range of topics quickly. Albeit, I have a rich background in technology, business, and marketing contents.

I regularly work with clients from countries across the world. Time zone differences have no impact on my work schedule or expected delivery deadlines. I've enjoyed working with clients from Australia, India, Singapore, Canada, USA, UK, and Kenya. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, exploring new technology, and meeting fascinating people.

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My Writing Samples

6 Under-tapped Tactics for Authoritative Legal Backlinks (with Guides and Case Studies)

It’s official—your law firm is either online or not in business. There’s no middle ground anymore. 70% of law firms get new cases from their websites. So, you need authoritative legal backlinks to drive your website’s growth and keep your business in front of your most valuable clients. Or go home.


How to Choose the Best VPN Service without the BS

Using a VPN service is like using the bank — you entrust them with private matters — some of which are matters of life and death. But deciding on a VPN service is hard. If I were you, I’d accord the process of choosing a VPN service the respect of an investment decision. Because it is. I’d pay attention to the details people neglect. If you have something at stake, pay attention. This article could save you from jail, grief, bitter experiences, or worse — death!


How to Benefit from Every Google Algorithm Update: Past, Present and Future

Google algorithm updates are moments in internet history. If you work in digital marketing, they might even mark significant moments in your career history. The biggest Google algorithm updates get their fair share of publicity thanks to our mile-a-minute news media. Why is something that’s so behind-the-scenes such a big deal?


How to Write Marketing Blogs Your Clients Will Actually Read

Wondering how to write marketing blogs that your target clients would read? Then start judging books by their covers. In The Book Smugglers survey, nearly 80 percent of respondents said that they made buying decisions based on book covers. Your blog has “book covers” too — the reasons why your clients buy into the blog. Let’s unearth these book covers.


Don’t Take Photos with Drones Until You Read This

Hold it! Take photos with drones only after you know this. The FAA could jail you for three years for owning a drone; plus a $250,000 fine. And if you’re lucky, you’d pay a civil penalty of $27,000. No. This isn’t a call for panic. It's a call to pay attention, so you don't pay penalties.


How to Protect Your Modem from a Denial-of-Service

A Denial of Service attack can hit anyone whose modem have a public IP. Here are some ways to prevent and protect your modem from a denial of service.


10 Awesome Things You Can Do with a Virtual Reality Headset

If you are bored with convention and wondering what you can do with your VR headset, here are some awesome things you can do right now with virtual reality.


Essential Optimizations Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

A slow loading site can affect your SEO and conversions. Learn how to speed up your WordPress site with these optimization tips.


What Is Big Data and Why Is It a Big Deal?

Big Data is the buzzword around the tech scene these days. Like the cloud, AI and machine learning, the concept is quite tricky to explain. Find out what Big Data means and why is it a big deal.


What Your ISP Knows About You and Why You Should Care

With the repeal of the Internet Privacy rules, there are several pieces of data that your ISP can obtain from you. Here’s what your ISP knows about you, and why you should be bothered.


10 Hidden Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S8

Other than the world’s first Infinity Screen, Samsung Galaxy S8 also comes with many unique abilities. Learn some of the hidden tips and tricks for Galaxy S8 here.



Content Writer

Contributes content to MonitorBacklinks.com on SEO and Content Marketing.

Company: Enux Limited

I worked there from 2/2018 until now

Content Writer

Contributes content to MakeTechEasier.com on Windows OS, software maintenance, troubleshooting and cloud-based features. Also writes on WordPress hacks and use, as well as internet browser hacks and guides.

Company: Uqnic Network Pte Ltd.

I worked there from 5/2017 until now

Content Writer

Contributed content to Safety.com on cybersecurity, safety, and privacy as related to connected devices and the internet of things.

Company: Red Ventures LLC

I worked there from 5/2017 until 12/2017

Content Writer

Contributed content to MalwareFox.com on Malware and cybersecurity threats.

Company: Wolf of Webstreet OPC Private Limited.

I worked there from 5/2017 until 6/2017

Content Writing and Internet Research Lead

Led market, products, and competitive landscape research and writing for small businesses, startups, and corporations. Most notably, AT&T, IBM, Accenture, McKinsey, Boston Consulting, HP, MRY, Autodesk, Apple, and more.

Company: Balderdash Inc.

I worked there from 6/2016 until 5/2017

Webmaster and Content Coordinator

Coordinated web development and digital content, while maintaining a freelance writing career outside of EIS.

Company: Energy Information Services (EIS)

I worked there from 1/2014 until 6/2016

Digital Content Coordinator

Organized web and media content for the non-profit organization World Changers ICC, Nairobi, Kenya. Led seminal teachings on individual and organizational productivity.

Company: WCICC

I worked there from 1/2013 until 1/2014

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