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Horizon scanner and writer who is looking for people who buck the norm. My blog is http://www.adigaskell.org

About Me

I'm an old school liberal with a love of self organizing systems. I hold a masters degree in IT, specializing in artificial intelligence and enjoy exploring the edge of organizational behavior. I specialize in finding the many great things that are happening in the world, and helping organizations apply these changes to their own environments.

I currently am Director of Innovation at innovation consultancy Inogesis, and we work with clients such as Deloitte, GSK, Leidos (LockheedMartin), Unilever and PA Consulting to ensure they have access to the best technologies.

My writing has appeared on sites such as the BBC, Forbes, Huffington Post, LSE Business Review, DZone and Innovation Excellence.  I have written for corporate clients such as AlcatelLucent, Salesforce, Adobe and Innocentive.

I have also written a number of whitepapers for clients such as T-Mobile and Coca Cola, and a book on building a collaborative workplace, whilst I have contributed a chapter on the future of healthcare to a recent book on change management.  I am currently co-writing a book on the future of workplaces and am researching a book on intrapreneurship.

I have also delivered talks on innovation for the likes of the NUJ, the Guardian, Stevenage Bioscience, EdTechX, MuckRack, World Festival of Youth and Students, EEMA and CMI, whilst also appearing on shows such as BBC Radio 5 Live and Calgary Today. 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

Can Your Voice Reveal Whether You Have An Illness

An article for the BBC on some innovations around voice recognition.


Organizational Change Explained

I contributed a chapter to this book on change, with my topic being around change in healthcare.


Automation And The Future Of Work

A piece for Forbes on some of the ways automation might impact the workplace.



Horizon Scanner

I scan the horizon for what is happening at the edge of the social business world. I look for the positive deviants who are already making waves in their own industry or universities and help to ensure your organisation is aware of what's around the corner. This manifests itself in writing about the topic, online and offline, speaking about it at events and conferences, and guiding companies on how they can take this knowledge and apply it in their own circumstances. I've worked with organisations ranging from the NHS, Salesforce, Innovation Enterprise, the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills, the BBC, Rialto Consulting and the National Centre for Universities & Business. You can see a couple of the publications I've written below, or my column for Forbes here - http://www.forbes.com/sites/adigaskell/

Company: The Horizons Tracker

I worked there from 1/2013 until now

Director of Innovation

VTC Group provide innovation services for large companies such as GSK, Deloitte, Leidos, Unilever and PA Consulting. I provide technology scouting and innovation management services, with my latest project being to run a healthcare cluster for Deloitte and the NHS.

Company: The VTC Group

I worked there from 11/2016 until now

Content I Write