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Writer and Content Strategist

About Me

Well, hello there. I'm Patricia, a professional writer with extensive experience in business, real estate, health and wellness, and lifestyle copy. Freelancing for over a decade, I help businesses, not-for-profits, and government organizations with their content needs. My work has appeared on sites as diverse as Trivargo, Monday.com, and Global News, reflecting both my versatility as a writer and my eclectic industry experience.

Continual development is integral to my professional philosophy, and I stay abreast of SEO and content strategy best practices. This includes developing audience or customer profiles, conducting keyword research, and producing reader-friendly, engaging content. As a result, your article, blog post, case study, white paper, or web page is always optimized for you, your readers, and search engines.

My flexibility, listening skills, and love of research mean I can either take a title and run with it to produce an excellent end result or communicate with you in more depth, learn more about your unique challenges and then create content that is specifically tailored to your precise needs.

Now, when I say I have eclectic experience, I really mean eclectic! Beginning my professional career in law enforcement, I moved into government environmental enforcement after my Master's Degree in Environmental Economics and Business. Moving up, I began developing policy and programs, then International Standards Organization management systems, where I came to the attention of the British Standards Institue, which recruited me as a systems auditor.

After moving across the world, from Europe to North America, I worked as a freelance management consultant, providing services to governments, businesses, and NGOs, before becoming the Executive Director of an environmental education charity. After this, I began using my knowledge, experience, and skills to produce written content for others.

My published work includes:

Oh, and I forgot to mention, as the mother of five kids who were homeschooled and a mental health, chronic disease, and autism advocate, I have diverse personal experiences, which helps me write sensitive, empathic content that genuinely speaks to people. 

Industries I Write About



Health & Wellness


Real Estate

Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

What Does It Take To Move From Director To VP?

An overview of the roles of VP and Director - the similarities and differences - followed by actionable steps for Directors to help them make the leap.


Website Copy

One of the many pages I have written for the same client - Monday.com


Coping Hacks For Parents With Depression

A piece discussing how parents with depression can struggle to cope with the high-stress demands of raising a family. In addition, there are several actionable pieces of advice about how you can still be a positive role model and a good parent, even if you are struggling with your own mental health.


Social Vetting and the Job Search

A discussion of the legalities of a prospective employer reviewing social media as part of the recruitment process. This is followed by an examination of the 3rd party companies that carry out social media vetting and what you can do to prevent a social account affecting your career prospects.


We Buy Houses vs We Buy Ugly Houses: What’s the Difference?

Comparission piece between client and major rival.


So Long, Screen - Family fun without devices

How to enjoy family time without electronic devices.


Top Ten Home Warranty Reviews

Website copy and reviews for client site.


10 Tips to Motivate a Homeschooled High Schooler

Commissioned piece about homeschooling teenagers.


BabyGaGa Articles

Over 22 Million views with just over 130 articles on BabyGaGa.com


You Too Could See U2 in Vancouver… for a Price

Commissioned opinion piece about the event ticket resale market.



Freelance Writer

I am a multi-tasking, research wizard, and word arranger who provides professional writing services for multiple websites, blogs, individuals, and writing agencies. As my work is published as both ghostwritten and credited I have further work examples, which I cannot publically post, but which I have permission to share, available on request.

Company: Writer

I worked there from 1/2012 until now

Owner & Editor

Owner, writer, award-winning blogger, and content curator at Redheadedatti.com - an online lifestyle magazine for professional and stay at home mothers.

Company: Red Headed Patti

I worked there from 2/2014 until now

Content I Write