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Foreign Language Education Advisor at Koshu City Board of Education

About Me

Highly-education with low-key preferences. I build fun and informative content.

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My Writing Samples

Hardee's and Carl's Jr. Froot Loops Donuts Review

The Internet's most popular breakfast site has a distinct style they asked me to match. It's fun and informative content with a bit of investigative work.


How is Pokemon Go Changing our Relationship with People and Places?

A conversation with "The Geek Anthropologist" about the nature of Pokemon Go.


Sign of the Mantis, Way of the Cricket

This post on Cook Ding's Kitchen is a more serious look at Chinese street fighting and cricket culture.


Jared Miracle on Crickets, Deep Play, and Chinese Martial Culture

A blog post on the connections between martial arts and Pokemon.


Now with Kung Fu Grip! How Bodybuilders, Soldiers and a Hairdresser Reinvented Martial Arts for America

Told for the first time: the fascinating, confusing, astounding story of how martial arts came to Western shores and became embedded in your local strip mall.



freelance writer and editor

Specializing in pop culture, social sciences, education, entertainment, fitness, and creative content. Available for contract work in all media formats.

Company: self-employed

I worked there from 7/2016 until now

Foreign Language Education Advisor

• Facilitate cooperation between teachers, schools, and the Board of Education. • Guarantee that classroom teachers meet instructional goals. • Represent the City of Koshu as an interpreter and guide for international promotions. Conduct research to guide curricular transitions in English education.

Company: Koshu City Board of Education

I worked there from /2016 until /2016


• Taught undergraduate courses in TESOL, History, Western Civilization, Social Science, Film, and Drama. • Managed graduate assistants and advised on plans of study. • Sponsored club and extracurricular activities, including English conversation groups, film screenings, and sports clubs. • Promoted the university at academic conferences and education symposia.

Company: Ocean University of China

I worked there from 8/2015 until 3/2016

Content I Write