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Pop Cultureand Luxury B2B Writer at Quiksilver Edge

About Me

Have always wanted to live in a castle the minute I saw the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Disney's Fantasia

One look at Mickey command his chores to be done at his bidding and I was hooked. I wanted to script the music composition I heard when I was ten, the story itself...when I realized then what I wanted.

Taking everything I've discovered after seeing that big, imaginative movie on a summer July to writing for B2B, B2C business IT, entertainment and marketing. I thank God every day I get to live doing what I love.

Wielding words at command is gift that continues to feel like it's magic. I could never imagine doing anything else. When I hear, "What do you do?" I say,

'I connect brands and people by sharing their gifts with their personal story.'

Now, if I can just find the perfect castle.

- Dylan

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8 Truths in the Supergirl Second Season Premiere

Kara Danvers gets a New Adult refresh and a new super power (almost).



Marketing, Pop Culture and Brand Story Writer

Professional writer.

Company: Quiksilver Edge

I worked there from 7/2011 until now

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