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Freelance Copywriter/Brand Journalist/Thought Leadership. ✔Sustainable ✔Contractors ✔Holistic ✔Real Estate ☞Message Me!

About Me

Reach, Engage, and Sell to Elite Markets

On-Target Copywriting for Highly Educated, Highly Aware, and Affluent Audiences


Most marketing messages appeal to the mainstream consumer. But what if your target customer is not the average Joe?

You can’t talk to highly educated and highly aware audiences the same way you address the masses. 

They won’t buy it. Literally.

Elite markets like these require a different approach:

They demand thought leadership. 

The high-level individuals who make up these audiences are highly sensitive to nuances of word and meaning. They are typically highly educated and/or aware, and they want to do business with people who understand and sympathize with their worldview. They can be quite skeptical, and don’t like to be sold.

Hit them with conventional messaging and they’ll never trust you again.

But if you can reach them at their own level, befriend them, and earn their trust…

Well, then, you’ve likely won a customer for life.

Few copywriters have the sensitivity, experience, and insight to consistently and effectively speak to these audiences. 

You’ve just found one of them.  

To learn more about how I can help you reach your affluent, environmentally aware, or other elite audience, contact me here.

To your success,


Ona Christie 

Subject matter expertise: Business, Sustainability, Landscape, Construction, Property Management, Real Estate, Holistic, Renewable Energy, Solar, Green Living, Agriculture, Natural Health and Wellness, Natural Beauty, Spirituality, Parenting, Pets 

Specialties: Freelance B2B Copywriting, Freelance B2C Copywriting, Case Studies, White Papers, Website Copywriting, Landing Pages, Newsletter Writing, Content Writing, Email Writing, SEO Copywriting, Brand Journalism, Press Releases, Articles, Blogging, Ghostwriting

Industries I Write About



My Writing Samples

White Paper: Advantages of Using Concrete Pavers in Commercial Applications

White paper created for a growing mid-sized concrete manufacturer


Author page: Turf Magazine

Various feature articles on landscaping topics published in Turf Magazine


5 Strategies to Live Pain Free Forever

Lead generation opt-in report written for a holistic practice


Blog for Landscape Company

Client is a full service landscape contractor. Intentions for the blog include improving SEO, lead generation, thought leadership, and recruiting.


Blog for Holistic Practitioner

Client offers holistic healing products and services. Intentions for this blog include SEO, lead generation, e-commerce, and thought leadership.



Freelance Copywriter

Green Ink Copywriting is a specialty marketing agency providing top-level written content to service-based companies who want to reach, convert, and retain elite audiences. Great content (with appropriate calls to action) can substantially increase the number and quality of your leads. And frequent content creation enables greater trust and transparency - essential for companies looking to attract high level clients. Visit www.GreenInkCopywriting.com for more information, or contact us at in

Company: Green Ink Copywriting

I worked there from 12/2008 until now

Freelance Copywriter

Innovate Brand Agency is a full-service strategic branding agency and design firm that builds brands and marketing platforms that launch leaders and position them instantly as experts in their field. Combining human psychology with branding best practices and innovative marketing techniques to help you cut through the sea of market competition and position yourself as the market leader. I support Innovate Brand Agency by providing kick-ass B2B thought leadership content and lead generation copy in alignment with their voice and vision.

Company: Innovate Brand Agency

I worked there from 11/2016 until now

Freelance Copywriter

Freelance blogger with Imagination on one of their Fortune 500 accounts

Company: Imagination Publishing

I worked there from 9/2015 until now

Freelance Content Writer

Content writer providing blogging and ghost writing for top Chicago SEO agency, specifically helping with their green focused topics

Company: Straight North

I worked there from 5/2014 until now

Business Coach & Consultant

I help service-based entrepreneurs jump start their businesses. Specifically, I help them achieve the kind of confidence and results in a matter of weeks that usually take years to acquire. For example, Bridget, a copywriter I worked with for just a few sessions reports: “Anne’s dedication for helping me grow as a writer and as a person have been absolutely invaluable to my success.” Carol, a life coach I’m working with now, had been too shy to get clients. After one session with me she landed her first paying client, and after her second session she landed a paying speaking gig and has been contacted by three different companies who want to hire her for group sessions. And Cheri, another client of mine, got up the confidence to start cold calling (something she’d been wanting to do but couldn’t get up the nerve on her own) after just her first session with me - and she's getting calls back from clients wanting to know more about working with her! Send me a free message today to apply for a FREE Client Attraction Strategy Session.

Company: Christie Michelsen

I worked there from 6/2016 until /


Artist's Statement: My art celebrates our connection to Nature through the spiritual, including totem animals, spirit guides and angels. Every thing in nature can represents spiritual truths or lessons. By observing animals and other aspects of nature and listening to the messages they carry we can discover truths about ourselves, our relationships to others and our connection to the greater Cosmos. In my art, I am able to tap into the energy fields that exist in nature - including personal energy fields - and interpret their messages. Through my art, I hope to encourage your spirit to reconnect to the power and grace of the natural world and in so doing, rediscover your true purpose.

Company: Bright Spirit Studio

I worked there from 9/1988 until now

Freelance Writer

I have written numerous articles for Green Child Magazine on topics appealing to their audience of health- and environmentally-conscious parents of young children.

Company: Green Child Magazine

I worked there from 12/2012 until now

Freelance Copywriter

I interview clients and write informative, educational, SEO-optimized blog articles and other projects. Landscape Leadership is a Hubspot-affiliated marketing agency specializing in the landscape industry.

Company: Landscape Leadership

I worked there from 3/2015 until 4/2019

Content I Write