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Freelance Writer and Editor at Thetravellingfool.com Social Media Manager ▪ Destination Marketer and Content Marketing

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Hi my name is Bob Bales a freelance writer and Travel Blogger. I write for various outlets on topics covering travel and other topics. My freelance writing has been featured on blogs, online magazines and print magazines, along with ghostwriting for corporate clients in the business consulting and real estate industries.. My background in having been in the Military, Traveling throughout the world and working in the Private sector in Security and, Intelligence gives me the ability to provide a wide variety of content for you. A lot of companies have information they need to get out to their clients and potential customers but don't have the time or the expertise in getting in done. That's where I come in. Whether you are looking for a blog article to be written, help with promoting your corporate message on your company website, newsletter assistance ghostwriting, copy editing or proof reading I can assist you. Contact me so we can discuss what your needs are and find a solution. You can check out my travel blog at www.thetravellingfool.com

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My Writing Samples

Why the Philippines Suits Me

Since booking a trip to the Philippines in 2009, American traveler Bob Bales has been back 7 times. Here, he shares what he loves about the Philippines


Why You Should Give Manila a Chance

'The bottom line is, Manila is big, dirty, crowded, and loud. It is also vibrant, and full of historical sites and entertainment venues,' writes travel writer Bob Bales


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A roundup of the top BBQ joints in the US.


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A roundup of the best places for a golf getaway.


You Have Heard Of The Alamo But What About Goliad?

Everybody remembers The Alamo but few outside of Texas know about Goliad. Some might say that Goliad had as much or more to do with the fight for Texas independence as did The Alamo.


6 American Castles Where You Can Spend The Night

When you think about European Castles, the thought of gallant knights and days chivalry come to mind but did you know there are American castles where you can spend the night and feel like royalty?


Traveling with Emotional Support Animals, Is it a Scam?

It seems more and more people can’t seem to travel without having their pet with them, otherwise they just won’t be able to cope. Now I think most of these people are probably just using the system so their pet can fly for free and it makes them feel special since they have a pet with them and you don’t. People give them attention and they are quick to tell you how little fluffy helps them cope with their depression or anxiety of flying.




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