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Skilled Content Creator, Editor, and Project Manager

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Skilled writer, editor, project manager, and masterful storyteller with 15+ years of experience crafting powerful stories that drive engagement. From standard blog posts on trending topics to news and resource roundups, long-form, detailed, actionable content, and in-depth guides, I've produced top-quality content in a variety of formats for B2B clients spanning industries such as startups, healthcare, Big Data, marketing, small business, knowledge management, sales enablement, and tech. Additionally, I've served as a content manager overseeing 12+ clients, managing editorial calendars, and managing freelance writers and editors. 

I've also written and edited articles and produced content assets for B2C clients on topics ranging from addiction to pet care, health and fitness, consumer products, home safety, lifestyle, and more. Whatever your objectives, I'll help you power your content marketing initiatives with impactful, results-oriented content that exceeds expectations.

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How to Conduct a Content Audit – and Why You Should

This guest post, published on G2, covers the step-by-step process of conducting a content audit, complete with a content audit template readers can customize for their use.


5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

Published on the Oracle Modern Marketing Blog, this article discusses A/B testing, mobile-friendly emails, the importance of scrubbing and segmenting your email marketing lists, and more.


Search vs. Social: Why Social Media Still Matters in the SEO Landscape

Published on Single Grain, this article discusses the impact of social media in a time when so much focus is placed on SEO.


Improving Collaboration to Boost Social Media Performance

Published by Crowdfire, this article examines the key players on a social media team and how they can better collaborate to improve social media marketing results.


How to Become a Paid Caregiver for a Family Member

This 20,000+ word guide walks family caregivers through the steps to become a paid caregiver for a family member, followed by an analysis of the laws and options in all 50 states.


Advance Your Career in User Interface Engineering

A career guide for engineering professionals interested in pursuing career advancement in the User Interface Engineering sphere.


Killer Crowdfunding: 5 Businesses That Did it Right

Many startups turn to crowdfunding to secure the capital needed to bring innovative ideas to fruition. This blog post shares the stories of five businesses that tapped into the power of crowdfunding and ran highly successful campaigns.


How to Succeed In An Over-Saturated Market

Published on the American Express blog, this article discusses how businesses can achieve success when a market is already over-saturated with competitive products or services.


10 Ways to Repurpose Your Business Content

Need to get more leverage from your existing content assets? Here are 10 ways to transform existing content to get more traction from your efforts.


The Local Shift: 5 Easy Ways to Take Your Marketing Local

Local businesses face unique marketing challenges. A local marketing campaign can generate huge benefits, and sales, if done right. Here's how to get started.


5 Businesses That Used A/B Tests to Lift Conversion Rates by up to 216%

A/B testing remains one of the most critical testing methods for website (and content) optimization. This older post shares how 5 businesses used A/B testing to lift conversions by more than 200%.


5 Strategies for Managing Workplace Conflicts

In a small business, friction between employees is hard to hide and takes a toll on productivity. As the owner, it's up to you to play ref.


Home Modifications For Seniors Aging In Place

Published by Seniors Lifestyle Magazine, this article reviews home modifications seniors can make to improve safety and improve their quality of life when aging in place.


Financial Support For Caregivers – Home Care Costs

Published by Seniors Lifestyle Magazine, this article provides an in-depth analysis of home care costs, financial assistance options, and financial planning tips.


Importance of Flexibility in Business

Published on the American Express blog, this article explores the importance of adaptability in business success.


What is Next Best Action Marketing?

The concept of delivering the right message to the right customer, at the right time, and via the right channel has been around for some time.


A/B Testing Lessons Learned: 4 Marketing Case Studies

Drill this into your head. If you don't test it, you will never really know what your customers think. Bart gets it, despite being an impudent little brat. Obsessed marketers should never be 100 percent satisfied with their campaigns - and you shouldn't be either.


5 Businesses That Used A/B Tests to Lift Conversion Rates by up to 216%

A/B testing lets Web designers and marketers fine tune an effective landing page. Like a vision test, the changes between two landing page elements can be subtle and barely noticeable to the unassuming eye, but make a big difference to the user and the conversions of a businesses landing page.


How Customer Service And Marketing Teams Can Join Forces | SupportBee

The customer service and marketing teams in a company are often viewed as their own distinct departments. However, many modern businesses are starting to see the tide turning. With endless touchpoints and promotional tools, customer service and marketing teams begin to blur the lines in terms of output and responsibility.


7 Steps to Building a Customer-Centric Strategy

Companies are continually trying to find new ways to become more customer-centric , and the results speak for themselves. Research from Deloitte and Touche shows that customer-centric companies are up to 60% more profitable than competitors . Creating a genuinely customer-centric culture is no easy task and requires building a comprehensive strategy with buy-in from every department and team.


The Expert's Guide to Exceptional Customer Care

Any respectable company would say that they care for their customers. But how successful are we in really listening to customer needs, replying in a meaningful way, and taking time to fix issues? A recent poll from Harris Interactive showed that 79% of consumers who made a complaint about poor customer experience online were ignored.


Guide to Knowledge Base Software

The knowledge base has become a central part of many customer service operations, and for good reason - customers expect them. According to survey data from Forrester, 67% of US adults in 2012 indicated that they had used an FAQ or knowledge base at a company website.


Guide to Customer Portals

The rise of automation and self-service has led to the creation of new tools that can help companies and their support teams enhance customer relationships. One of the most popular tools in recent years has been the customer portal. In a recent survey by Microsoft, 90% of respondents said that they expect a brand to offer a customer portal for self-service.


NGDATA | Benefits of Real-Time Data Analytics for the Hospitality Industry

The phrase "in real-time" is one commonly used in the modern world. In the marketing world, live metrics allow both businesses and customers to make better decisions for their needs. Real-time data can give an incredible edge to companies, particularly for the hospitality industry.


NGDATA | 3 Data Governance Best Practices for Banks & Financial Services Companies

Data Governance is a term used to describe all processes and management of data in a given organization, including said data's quality, protection and use. Financial service companies may have a particular need for governance due to the nature of the data held.


NGDATA | How to Identify Customer Journey Touchpoints

Customer touchpoints are the places where customers interact with your brand, including your website, online ads, ratings, reviews, and your customer service department, among other points of contact with your brand. These interactions often change the way customers perceive a brand, product, business, or service.


NGDATA | 5 Video Marketing Ideas for Banks: Personalization, Showcasing Company Values, and More

Customers across the board have higher expectations and demand that the companies with which they do business personalize their interactions with them and improve their customer service. Banks are no exception, yet consumers see banks as lagging behind in treating them as individuals and understanding their needs.


What are Google Micro-Moments? Benefits, Best Practices & More

Google micro-moments have been around for a few years now, but they're still proving mysterious enigmas to many marketers. We've put together this short guide to let you in on all the basics you need to know about micro-moments and how to put them to use to improve your marketing efforts.


5 Tips to Use News Events to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Capitalizing on news events is a useful way to drive traffic to a brand's landing pages through social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook. Read these 5 tips on how to find the news and use it to drive more traffic.


6 Cheap and Easy Team-Building Tactics

The word "synergy" gets bandied about a lot in today's business world. If you don't speak corporate jargon, it means the phenomenon of multiple like-minded individuals merging their ideas to create something more incredible than any member of the team could have conceptualized alone.


8 Ways to Market Your Startup

Tell the world. Stick your name on a sign. Do WHATEVER it takes to get the word out about your new venture. ( Original image source) Startups are the lifeblood of the American dream.


How to Drive (& Re-Target) Traffic to Your PPC Landing Pages [with Infographic]

A winning landing page does little to convert visitors if the page isn't getting traffic. Learn the 3 main ways to get people to your landing pages: text ads, banner ads, social media ads - and the 4th - how to bring back visitors through the art of retargeting.


[How to] Manage a Successful Business Blog

Knowing your target costumer, or in this case, reader, is the foundation to producing a successful business blog, and it's time every business understood that content marketing is the new marketing black and if you don't have a blog attached to your business site then you need to start... NOW!


[How To] Master Inbound Marketing - Just Copy Hubspot

When it comes to inbound marketing, no one does it better than HubSpot.Let's face it: The company raises the bar on content marketing, including webinars, ebooks, white papers, case studies...you name it, they do it. Here's how HubSpot gets it done.


How To Write Attention Grabbing Blog Post Titles - With Examples

A blog post's title can make or break the success of an article. Bloggers strive to create attention-grabbing, irresistible headlines that result in full reads, improved conversions and social sharing. Writing great titles isn't always easy, however, and it's crucial to meet quality expectations within the rest of the copy.


CIOs Guide to Strategic IT Planning

Strategic planning is the cornerstone of any CIO's tenure in the C-suite. An organizational management activity focused on business goals and designed to prioritize goals, allocate resources to the most critical objectives, and enable departments and the company as a whole to work towards a shared set of goals, strategic planning is the foundation of successful operations across departments, companies, and even entire industries.


7 Must-Try Tools for Organizing Your Idea Vault

Keeping track of all your great ideas while you're busy running your business is no easy feat. Many potentially profitable ideas may slip your mind before you can flesh them out, do research, or bring them to fruition. There are dozens of tools that can help you document and organize your ideas on the fly for later reference.


[How To] Increase Social Conversions with Facebook's Page Post Targeting

Facebook is rolling out a new page post targeting feature that will allow brands to target their posts to more specific segmented audiences, beyond the location and language targets we've become accustomed to. We say: It's about time! But will these advanced targeting options help brands improve conversions?


5 Productivity Apps for Small-Business Owners | QuickBooks

Small-business owners are always seeking ways to boost productivity. When you're wearing multiple hats, juggling dozens of clients, managing a team, and more, there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. These five mobile apps can make your workday more efficient, from streamlining your social media management to reducing your email ...


5 Ways to Prevent Boring Webinars

By Angela Stringfellow Few words in a busy professional's world can cause such deep sighs and rolled eyes as "webinar". The virtual meeting held via the Internet is often perceived as a schedule buster, a mundane exercise in futility, a manager's [...]


A Deep Dive Into GetSatisfaction's Content Strategy

While GetSatisfaction may not be directly related to the Rolling Stones' song of similar sentiment, the two cultural entities actually have a lot in common. GetSatisfaction works with big name brands to encourage interaction, feedback and communication.


A Deep Dive Into Etsy's Content Strategy

Etsy sold $45.8 million worth of doilies and mustache-shaped phone cases in August. Since its launch in 2005, Etsy has become the premier destination for handmade good sales on the Internet. Its massive stature is due in large part to the edification of a solid brand, a brand that was developed through curated user-generated content and a solid blog. 11 YEARS AGO Who shared?


Anatomy of a Top CTO: Education & Work Experience, Salary, Essential Traits & Characteristics and Mo

As technology becomes increasingly prominent in day-to-day operations, the role of the chief technology officer (CTO) has emerged as an essential visionary who guides technology adoption and innovation in businesses across all industries. Responsible for strategic planning and investments in technologies that serve the company’s customers, chief technology officers play a significant role in the success (or failure) of their respective organizations.


The Most Popular Programming Languages for 2022

According to Wikipedia, “a programming language is a formal language comprising a set of strings that produce various kinds of machine code output.” In other words, computers only understand 0s and 1s, so programming languages allow humans to deliver instructions to the computer in a way the computer can understand.


4 Reasons Creating a Blog is Essential for Indie Artists and Creatives

If you’re selling crafts online but creating a blog isn't on your priority list, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to draw more visitors to your website and sell more products. Creating a blog is a valuable addition to your indie marketing arsenal. Here’s why.


The Future of Workplace Design in a Post-Pandemic World

Before COVID-19 emerged in 2020, most organizations saw their office spaces as essential to workforce productivity and the efficient execution of their business operations. Despite the many undeniable challenges of working remotely during a pandemic, many business leaders were pleasantly surprised to find that employees worked just as (sometimes, even more) productively from home.


25 Best Collaboration Tools for Remote and Hybrid Workforces

Today’s hybrid and remote workforces require access to convenient and capable collaboration tools to support effective team collaboration. As internet speeds have increased over the last several years, collaboration software can now be used to host high-quality video conferences and share large amounts of data from within a single platform. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of many tools, and we are now seeing some exciting new features offered in innovative software solutions.


5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

Are you wondering how to improve your lackluster email marketing results? It can be difficult to know where to start when you already feel like you’re in over your head. But the power of email marketing is undeniable, so while it takes a bit of effort, the reward is well worth it. If you’re ready to create killer email marketing messages, look at these five expert tips for improving your email marketing results.


The Role of the CMO: Obsolete or Reinvented?

For more than a decade, the chief marketing officer (CMO) role has been in a state of flux. McKinsey talked about the evolving role of the CMO as far back as 2007. Interestingly, McKinsey concluded that C-suites must expand the CMO role.



Managing Director

CODA Concepts, LLC helps brands captivate audiences with high-value content combined with strategic digital media initiatives. Relevance and value are the cornerstones of our philosophy and these values shine through in everything we do -- whether it's top-quality content, curation, syndication and distribution, social media management, editorial direction and project management, PR, e-books, email marketing or social media campaigns.

Company: CODA Concepts, LLC

I worked there from 1/2006 until now


SeniorHomes.com is a nationwide directory of senior housing options with thousands of articles encompassing everything from family caregiving to paying for senior living, retirement, choosing the right senior living community, and more.

Company: SeniorHomes.com

I worked there from 6/2009 until 1/2016

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