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Writer at Rhetoric Unlimited

About Me

My name is Merry and I'm a creative copywriter, SEO content writer, editor, and content strategist. I love both long and short-form copy and dive into SEO content in a range of industries. Some of my clients include SaaS companies in the Healthcare and HR industries, as well as marketing agencies, and managed service providers in the tech field. 

I started my writing career in 2006 and moved to full-time with the launch of my business in 2013. I'm well-versed in web copy and SEO content and I've been on the cutting edge of changes in digital marketing and social media. 

Content strategy is one of the main assets I provide my clients. I work with SEO keyword research, as well as the in-depth strategy for blogs, web properties, thought leadership, and social media management.

Storytelling and developing compelling copy that speaks directly to the audience is one of the things that I really love, and I enjoy being a part of a brilliant creative team.

I get jazzed up over the work I do and geek out on all aspects of marketing and writing. Copywriting is one of my favorite assets, but I also work with a wide variety of content and content strategy. I’ve worked extensively with both B2B and B2C copy and can weave back and forth between business standard branding and clients with a more humorous or offbeat voice.

Agencies and small to medium-sized businesses comprise most of my clients and I specialize in writing content that matches branding and voice. I’ve worked extensively with SEO content, blog writing, full eBooks, case studies, email campaigns, scriptwriting, and landing pages.

My recent results include a 150% increase in opt-ins on blog posts and a 25% reduction in bounce rate. My recent email campaigns average a 30%-40% open rate.

I have a competitive passion for measuring my performance and I believe that content is a true conversation. We’re not talking at the audience or just amplifying a message… it’s a give and take, and we’re able to understand our audience’s responses based on their action or inaction on the page. Not paying attention to the metrics is like muting them… you might be super dazzling and keep their attention, but it’s more likely they’ll get frustrated and leave.

In 2020, I completed my Inbound Marketing Certification through HubSpot, and am currently in the process of updating with their newest certification course. I completed my SEO Certification through eMarketing Institute and regularly update my knowledge through courses and learning opportunities.

Industries I Write About


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Find writers and ideas in this industry

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

This piece was written for the Center for Professional Education blog at the University of Texas.


Why Your Content Marketing Isn't Working (and 7 ways to fix it)

This piece is a lead magnet I wrote for a marketing agency client.


Spooky Dry Ice Cocktails for Halloween

This is a blog post I wrote for Fewer Regrets (they make a hangover relief supplement). The post gives a few fun dry ice cocktails to try at your next Fall themed party.


Why Paid Ads Aren't Enough

A lead magnet for a marketing agency client to increase their email list.


Marketing Agency Email Campaign

This is an email campaign I developed for a marketing agency.


Education Procrastination and How It Cripples Your Writing Business

This is a piece I wrote for The Writing Cooperative for a market of freelance writers and entrepreneurs.


To Niche or Not to Niche

This is a piece I wrote for The Writing Cooperative on the benefits of choosing a niche for professional writers.



Owner - Copywriter, SEO Content Writer, Editor, & Content Strategist

Provide content strategy, ghostwriting, copywriting, and other content marketing services. Projects include content strategy, ghostwriting, B2B, B2C, SEO writing, landing pages, blog posts, articles, scriptwriting, copywriting, and editing of various lengths. RESULTS: average email open rate 30-40%, CTR 2-6%, 150% increase in opt-ins from blog content, and 25% decrease in bounce rate.

Company: Rhetoric Unlimited

I worked there from /2006 until now

Content I Write