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Content Strategist, Writer and Editor

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As an accomplished content strategist and SEO copywriter, Marie Abendroth spends her time helping business owners establish and maintain their online brand presence. She creates their webpages, blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, newsletters and more with a focus on improving site traffic and conversion rates. Although she works with companies of all sizes, her passions lie in helping small business owners build their empires.

For over seven years, she has mainly operated as a ghostwriter to help position business owners as thought leaders in their industries. As a result, the clips found here only represent a very small percentage of her work. Contact her today to see how she can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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My Writing Samples

4 Awesome Seattle RC Tracks

Informative guide about where to find indoor and outdoor RC tracks in Seattle, Washington


Finding Tamiya Parts in the Seattle Area

Helpful article that informs Seattle RC car enthusiasts where to find elusive parts for their Tamiya vehicles


5 Awesome Apps for Infants and Toddlers

Parenting article about the most engaging and educational apps for infants and toddlers


4 Types of Shoes to Wear for Perfect Squats

Fitness article about the best shoes to wear while performing squats


3 Fair Treats to Make at Home Using Keto-Friendly Ingredients

Fun blog post about three keto-friendly treats to make at home using the linked recipes and additional ideas


Smart Low Carb Ways to Tenderize Cheap Cuts of Meat

Blog post educating low carb dieters about the best ways to tenderize cheap cuts of meat


Painting New RC Car Bodies

Blog article about painting lexan RC car bodies


5 Easy Herbs to Grow Indoors During the Winter Months

Newsletter article about five easy herbs to grow indoors through the winter season.


Best Practices in Taking Before and After Medical Photos

Educational blog about the best practices in taking before and after medical photos.


5 Smart Catholic Private School Electives That Help Teens Excel in College

Helpful article about electives to take in private school that will help teens excel in the future


5 Growing Trends in the World of Apartment Rentals in Texas

Location optimized article about trends in the apartment rental industry


4 Places to Find RC Drift Tires

Article to help fellow RC car enthusiasts find their favorite drift tires and have fun.


4 Ways the Culture in Dallas Texas Encourages Tight Community Bonds

Location optimized article about the tight-knit community bonds in Dallas, Texas.


5 Smart Ways to Save for a Down Payment While Renting

Blog post about the various ways to save for a down payment while renting.


Player Privacy vs. Gambling Outlook: When Is It Too Much?

Blog post exploring the impact of player injury reporting on gambling outlooks and privacy


Everything You Need to Know About the Banned Australian Cricket Trio

Blog article about the banned cricket trio and the impact on the league


Questions to Ask Before Choosing Between DIY and Hiring a Wedding Planner

Blog article about the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner and DIY


How to Find a Chiropractor You Can Trust

SEO blog about how to find a chiropractor you can trust


4 RC Drift Car Bargain Buys

Blog article about bargain remote control drift cars


5 Low Carb Chocolate Chip Options

Blog post about the best low carb chocolate chips


Car Overheat and Have You Worried?

Blog post about automotive cooling system issues and how to find help.


Preventative Maintenance

Client webpage about their preventative maintenance services



Web page about tires and tire services offered by this auto shop


Four Wheel Alignment in Seattle WA

Web page about two and four wheel alignment services offered by this Seattle WA auto shop


Improving Your Sleep Hygiene to Reduce Stress

Blog on how to improve your sleep hygiene to reduce your stress levels


No Cooking Required

Blog post about the raw food diet


Expression Mimicking

Blog post about infant socialization and expression mimicking.


Pre-Purchase Inspections

Web page on pre-purchase inspection services offered at this Seattle auto shop.


4 Ways to Help Preschoolers Develop Social Skills

Blog post about ways parents can help their preschoolers develop good social skills.


Create a Year's Worth of Improvement Goals

Self improvement article about making goals for the new year.


New Beginnings: 3 Cardio Exercises for a Toned Body

Blog post about cardio exercises that can also help tone the body.


4 Types of Exercises Even Toddlers Can Enjoy

Blog post about exercises toddlers would enjoy.


4 Infant Behaviors to Expect in the Beginning

Blog post about four infant behaviors parents can expect in the early days.


4 Smart Toddler Climbing Safety Tips

Blog post sharing toddler climbing safety tips with parents and guardians.


4 Ways to Soothe Your Cranky, Crying Infant

Parenting blog about how to successfully soothe a crying infant.


Tooth and Gum Care Tips for Infants and Toddlers

Dental blog post sharing tooth and gum care tips for infants and toddlers.


4 Ways to Encourage Emotional Self Control

Blog about how parents can help their kids develop emotional self control.


4 Ways to Help Toddlers Push Past Picky Eating

Blog post about four ways parents can help their toddlers develop better eating habits.


5 Rainy Day Preschool Entertainment Ideas

Blog post about five rainy day activities to keep preschoolers entertained.


4 Ways to Help Toddlers Stop Throwing Food

Parenting blog to help caregivers teach their toddlers to stop throwing food.


4 Ways to Help Kids Reach Activity Milestones

Blog about child development and how to help kids reach activity milestones.


5 Safety Tips for Holiday Travel with Your Infant

Blog sharing safety tips for holiday travel with infants.


5 Tips for Creating a Healthy Toddler Schedule

Parenting blog post sharing five tips for creating a healthy toddler schedule.


The Importance of Pretend Play for Preschoolers

Blog about how important pretend play is for preschool-aged kids.


4 Smart Ways to Follow Safe to Sleep Guidelines

Blog post describing four ways parents can closely follow the safe to sleep guidelines and protect their infants.


4 Tips for Easy Infant Nail Care

Parenting blog post sharing four tips for easy infant nail care.


3 Entertaining Interactive Songs for Preschoolers

Blog post about three entertaining songs that preschoolers love to sing with others.


3 Stretches That Prepare Your Shoulders for Cardio

Blog post about stretches that prepare your shoulders for cardio exercises.


3 Cardio Exercises That Create a Toned Butt

Blog post about cardio exercises that create a toned butt.


4 Accessories That You Need for Your Gym Trips

Blog post about helpful accessories you can bring on your gym trips.


Watch for Heatstroke While Exercising Outdoors

Blog sharing information on how to watch for heatstroke while exercising outdoors.


4 Exercises for an Awesome Back Workout

Blog post about four exercises you can do for an awesome back workout.


3 Types of Face Masks That Can Relieve Stress

Health and beauty blog about face masks you can use to relieve stress.


Making the Most of the Sun for Improved Health

Blog post about making the most of the sun for improved health.


Improving Physical Fitness to Celebrate Your Body

Blog post about celebrating your body through physical fitness.


Stop and Smell the Flowers for Improved Mood

Blog post about improving your mood by stopping to smell the flowers.


Quiet Your Inner Voice to Improve Your Body Image

Blog post about quieting your inner voice to improve your body image.


Batteries and Electrical

Web page about batteries and electrical services offered by a local auto repair shop.


Engine and Transmission

Web page for engine and transmission repair services available from this auto repair shop.


Brakes and Suspension

Web page about brakes and suspension services offered by this auto repair shop.


Welcome to the Blog for Masters

Short post introducing the blog for Masters.


Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning

Web page promoting the heating and air conditioning services offered by this local auto shop.


Emissions Repair

Web page about emission repair services provided by this auto repair shop.


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Professional content strategy services including keyword maps, SEO web pages and articles, and site analytics. Visit JeturaMedia.com for more information.

Company: Jetura Media

I worked there from 3/2014 until now

Freelance Writer

Informative SEO articles, web pages, newsletters, and white papers for small and large organizations.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 1/2010 until now


Educational blogs for fitness, nutrition, arts and crafts, home decor, parenting, shopping and travel sites.

Company: PeKu Publications

I worked there from 3/2013 until 4/2016

Content I Write