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Copywriter and Content Marketing Specialist/Social Media Strategist/Hospitality Consultant

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Alana Musselman is a copywriter, content strategist, and unabashed digital marketing enthusiast. In her previous professional lives, she was a chef, sommelier, and touring musician. These days she uses her laptop-based talents to help companies shape their brand story and make a lasting impact. When she’s not busy creating websites and crafting content calendars, Alana writes for a number of high-profile publications, starting conversations about everything from Cabernet to click-through rates.

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Bite-Sized Content Optimization: Tweetable Stats And How to Use Them

I’ve been yakking about the importance of website and content optimization for ages now, but I’ve finally decided to take the time to gather hard statistics to back up by fervent pro-optimization arguments. Here are the numbers you need to know and some explanation on just why we think you need to know them.


Upping Your Optimization Strategy with QUART

Several years ago (July of 2013, to be a bit more precise), I read an article by SEO guru and noted industry consultant Alan Bleiweiss wherein he discussed the idea that the weaknesses of underperforming websites can all be summed up by assessing QUART: Quality, Uniqueness, Authority, Relevance, and Trust. It’s a theory that stuck with me, and I now use to evaluate a whole host of things, from individual articles that I write for my clients to the wines I choose to recommend to my own readers. On occasion, I’ve used it to pick a restaurant for dinner, too. Today, though, we’re revisiting Bleiweiss’s original application: optimizing your site for traffic and conversion.


Step Away From the Smartphone: Dating Etiquette for the Lovelorn Freelancer

When you work from home and realize you only know your closest friends by their forum handles, it might not be a stretch to guess that date night is not a regular part of your work week. If you’re a freelance content writer who finds it hard to close the laptop lid and dinner and a movie are all but a distant memory, it might be time to cut the USB cord and venture outside. Before you sign up for DesperatelyNeedADate.com and sift through your bathroom cupboard to find that makeup stuff you used to wear, prepare yourself for reentry to the outside world with these simple dating etiquette tips from someone who has been there, done that, and had to look up the correct title case for T-shirt.


Mike Grgich: The King of California Chardonnay

Winemakers have much in common with fingerprints, each leaving their own indelible impression on everything they touch, a considerable amount of which isn’t always immediately detectable. Although experts agree on few things in the wide world of wine, almost all concede that wine is born in the vineyard but shaped by the winemaker, often in his or her own image. Sound odd? Perhaps, but then again maybe not, once you consider the incredible case that is Mike Grgich.



Freelance Writer

Freelance writer focusing on topics within the food/beverage/hospitality realm, as well as marketing, product descriptions, blogs, and various other types of web-based copywriting. When sweeping copy paints a tantalizing picture of a product on Amazon or an "About Us" section jumps off the page and grabs you by the eyeballs, there's a good chance you can blame me.

Company: Writ Personalities

I worked there from 11/2009 until now

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