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Freelance Writer

About Me

My personal and professional life can be characterized as a constant search for adventure, growth, and artistic fulfillment.

I've held a variety of jobs on land, put all of my things in storage to crew wooden sailing ships on three different seas, and written most of a science fiction novel.

I'm currently a professional freelance writer, and I'm looking for work that will challenge me creatively in order to continue to learn new aspects of the industry and build my portfolio.


-Writing (travel articles, SEO articles, product descriptions, web content, creative writing etc.)


-Computer proficiency (Microsoft Word)

-Maritime (tall ship sailing, marlinspike seamanship, boat maintenance)

-Outdoor Skills (camping, backpacking, outdoor cooking, hiking, survival skills, knots)

-Special Needs (working with developmentally challenged or disabled individuals)

-Arts (sewing, costume-making, embroidery, painting, crafts, cooking)

-Fitness (belly dance, Irish dance, kickboxing, hiking, sailing)

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My Writing Samples

How Ebikes Are Changing the Way Millennials Move

This is an article of Wise Innovation Technologies that focuses on how millennials lifestyles and needs are leading them to increasingly turn to alternative means of transportation, such as ebikes.


6 Best Things to Do by Boat in Sydney

This is an article for GetMyBoat that details a few of the greatest boating activities a boater can experience in Sydney, Australia.


Safety Tips for Sailing

This is an article for GetMyBoat that offers helpful safety guidelines that both new and experienced sailors should keep in mind while out on the water.


Emergency and Personal Locator Beacons

This is an article for GetMyBoat that describes what emergency and personal locator beacons are, what their individual functions are, as well as how they should be used.


Planning a Boating Vacation in Cape Coral, Florida

This is an article for GetMyBoat that details many of the the sites and activities that visitors can experience both on land and on the water, as well as points them towards some local marinas where they can stay and stow their boat.



Freelance Writer

Company: Wise Innovation Technologies

I worked there from 11/2016 until now

Freelance Contributor/Writer

To develop and create written content related to the world of boating for a diverse online audience.

Company: GetMyBoat

I worked there from 7/2015 until now

Trail Scribe

To write supplementary documents and signage for The Cowboy Bunkhouse, which is an Old West-themed hostel. Writing tasks include signage detailing Old West history, hostel rules, regulations, expectations, and conduct, as well as additional documents such as code-of-conduct contracts, quizzes, and handouts.

Company: The Cowboy Bunkhouse

I worked there from 4/2015 until 12/2015

Freelance Writer

To work remotely on an independent contractor basis writing original content based on a variety of topics, keywords, phrases, or search terms provided by the clients.

Company: BKA Content

I worked there from 3/2015 until 6/2015

Content I Write