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Freelance Writer, Web Content Writer, Articles, Blogs, Publications, Technical Writing

About Me

I work with B2B and B2C companies in three main industries:

  1. Technology: VPN, IoT, VoIP, supply chain, communication, cloud management, Big Data, compliance, product development, procurement, web testing, and analysis
  2. Automotive: Manufacturing, dealerships, repair, auto body design, maintenance, OEM, technology, and accessories
  3. Contracting: New building, renovation, repairs, maintenance, problem-solving, design, implementation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, construction, residential, commercial, industrial

How I Help Companies

In each of these fields I am asked to think critically from the expert point of view to solve problems, answer questions (i.e., Google searches), provide professional insights. All of these fields have the same thing in common. They all utilize advanced technology to perform high-level work and create a product.

My objective is always to boost the company's brand and position them as the innovator and leader in their industry. By writing SEO-driven articles, blogs, and website content, I can connect companies with their audience and convert readers into new customers. 

Before We Begin

Before I start your project, it is important that we discuss the details of the assignment. This is where we can both ask questions and discuss the vision that you have for your articles. Together, we can create an amazing project that you are proud to publish for your readers. 

Do You Have Multiple Projects?

If you have multiple projects, then feel free to assign them to me. I have found that working with a single writer is more beneficial than scrambling between writers. Giving me all your assignments allows us to build a long-term working relationship in which I can get to know your company, your product, and your people!

Industries I Write About



My Writing Samples

E-Sourcing Software: How it Leads to Supply Chain Efficiency

I wrote this article for ProcurePort, an eProcurement software developer. The article discusses the benefits of utilizing the software to improve business supply-chain processes.


Guest Post: Internet of Things (IoT): The Future of Smart Roads

This was a ghostwriting assignment where the 'author' takes the credit and I take the pay. Although they are a storage company, they ask me to write technology articles for them on a regular basis.


4 Cities In The Midwest That Are Utilizing Urban Agriculture

GrowFilm is an LED manufacturer. They develop LED light panels for controlled environment agriculture (CEA). I write two to three blogs for them per month.



Freelance Web Content Writer

Five years ago I set out to build a successful writing career. I have built my career working with some of largest and most prominent companies in the country including: Ford Porsche Facebook Surfshark American Polymers Corp. GrowFilm Best Buys Heilux LKPB Engineers CFMOTO Barry Data & Voice Communications ProcurePort Home Depot In each case, I helped create SEO-rich content that solidified the company's brand, highlighted their products, and built the customer base.

Company: Websites, Articles, Blogs, Coprwriting

I worked there from 10/2014 until now

Content I Write