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Content marketer/business writer with expertise in HR, healthcare, digital marketing, social media and SEO.

About Me

My background as a freelance business journalist, advertising copywriter and corporate communication professional provides the foundation for understanding how to produce and use high-quality, personalized content to inform, motivate and engage audiences. This, coupled with expertise in online marketing, SEO and social media, serves as a foundation for working with clients to find the most cost effective combination of communication tactics to get the results they're looking for. We work primarily with B2B clients in healthcare, human resources and business consulting to help them establish themselves as thought leaders and drive sales. Strategic Communications helps clients attract, educate, engage and retain their audiences through targeted communication planning and content marketing. We use a content management strategy that leverages the creation of new, and the repurposing of existing, content from a variety of channels (including web content, e-letters, blog posts, media outreach, whitepapers, video and more). We implement those tactics through a strategic framework that involves consistency, analytics and continuous improvement. The process begins with an in-depth analysis of your current communication practices, with a focus on SEO and web site analysis. The fee for this evaluation is waived for clients that come on board to work with us to implement the strategies and tactics we recommend. We report monthly on progress and make modifications as necessary to generate increasingly higher results. Strategic Communications, LLC, has Woman-Owned Business (WBE) Certification through the State of Wisconsin. Specialties: Strategic marketing planning, content management/content marketing, PR/media relations, branding and brand management, social media, writing/editing, We work exclusively with service related clients, primarily B2B, in the fields of healthcare, training and development, coaching and consulting.

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Are Your Job Posts Biased?

HR and talent acquisition professionals need to seek out bias in their hiring processes—knowing that it may be their own bias they need to eliminate. Here are some important steps they can take and considerations they can keep top of mind to help build a more diverse and inclusive workplace.


Shining a Light on the Dark Funnel

The dark funnel is a concept that has been making the rounds for some time now in sales circles. The term refers to the often-veiled insights marketers might fail to uncover as they attempt to understand the customer journey. While the digital marketing environment yields some powerful insights into consumer actions, some of these actions, like visits to other websites, research conducted through third-party sites, social media impacts, etc., might be hidden from marketers.


Recruitment Training for a Virtual World

Virtual interviews can convey organizational culture and provide a first impression of your company. How those interviews are handled can also prevent legal pitfalls. But too often, companies overlook the need to train staff to conduct these interviews. That training is critical to ensure that the best hiring choices are being made and that companies steer clear of legal risks.


COVID-19 Spurs Novel Approach to Talent Acquisition

While the global spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 has resulted in enormous damage to the economy and businesses around the world, hiring is still a top priority for many organizations. Talent acquisition just looks a little different now.


How Will You Support Your Staff During What May Be a Very Lonely Holiday Season?

In mid-November, shortly before Thanksgiving and as COVID-19 cases surged around the country, governors extended or ramped up their safety requirements. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, for instance, ordered indoor fitness centers and dining to be closed. And he ordered residents not to hold gatherings with people from other households. The message: Celebrate Thanksgiving, but only with those you normally live with. That sentiment is likely to extend around the country throughout the holiday season.


2020 Work for HR Daily Advisor

I am a contributing editor for HR Daily Advisor writing regularly on learning and development, HR/employee relations and employee communication issues.


BOOK: Managing Remote Staff: Capitalize on Work-from-Home Productivity

Managing Remote Staff: Capitalize on Work-from-Home Productivity offers small businesses -- and managers in businesses of any size -- practical advice, strategies and case studies for managing employees who are out of sight, but NOT out of mind. Managing remote workers is nothing new, but its prevalence has been impacted significantly by COVID-19. Many small businesses and managers are struggling to adapt to the new challenges they face while maintaining productivity, staff engagement, customer


Drive-Thru Job Fairs: A Sign of the Times

Despite the massive impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the U.S. workforce, some parts of the economy are still frantically searching for talent to meet business demands. And they're getting increasingly creative about how to engage with potential employees in an era of social distancing.


Is Your Content Review Process Out of Control? How to Fix It

Companies crave content—high-quality, timely, and accurate content that is brand supportive and designed to connect and compel target audiences to some desired action. To achieve these goals content providers, publishers, and organizations must establish content review processes. These processes generally involve multiple touchpoints, and many eyeballs, reviewing content for a wide array of reasons—from grammar, spelling, and style compliance, to SEO, content accuracy, and more.


Changes in SEO Strategy

SEO has long been the holy grail for internet marketers—and content creators—of all kinds. Attracting eyeballs, and website visitors, was job number one. While that’s still the case to a large degree, SEO has become less of a numbers game and more of a driver for creating high-quality, relevant content. This is because of the ongoing algorithmic changes that Google and other search engines make to deliver a positive search experience for users.


Tips for Finding Freelancers

Content is king, as the saying goes, and that’s certainly true in a digital world. Consumer appetite for content is at an all-time high and continuing to grow. That’s great for organizations that have well-oiled content creation teams in place to meet the demand. For others, though, developing content on a regular basis that is high-quality and focused on issues and topics that resonate with their audiences can be a challenge. The gig economy can help. A wide range of freelancers and contract co


When Top Candidates Have Another Offer

You're in the middle of the selection process for a key position and have a few top candidates making their way through the second round of interviews. One of them informs you that he or she has received an offer from another company. Your initial reaction is panic—oh no! You felt like the process was dragging along too slowly. What can you do? What should you do?


App Engagement Strategies To Stay Top Of Mind During "Quarantine"

As people go into self-quarantine, they're often turning to their phones as entertainment and as a connection to the outside world. It’s a time when all small business owners are having to be creative and innovative about how they connect with existing and potential new subscribers. How can app publishers engage, and re-engage users—without feeling pushy or exploitive--at a time when so many eyes are on their smartphones?


Planning for Succession: Locating Tomorrow's Leaders

It takes a team of individuals, carrying out their various roles, to ensure your credit union effectively meets members' needs. And while many say that no one individual matters more than the others, the CEO holds the key strategic positon. Finding and retaining a visionary, effective CEO is one of the board's most important tasks.


Avoiding the Pitfalls of Content Marketing

In today’s marketing environment, content is king. Content is what drives potential customers to your website and gets them to know your brand and what your organization has to offer. Often, potential customers are first and foremost content consumers. They don’t care about your products or services, but if you have something interesting to show or tell them, they might keep returning to your site and getting to know your brand in the process. But content marketing isn’t easy, and there are many


Digital Communications and the Local Movement

One interesting trend has been the move toward local, or targeted, communications and away from a broad-brush approach to connecting with the masses.


Publishers Are Tapping into the Chatbot Craze to Deliver Personalized Reading Experiences

As Google, Facebook, and Amazon double down on chatbots, publishers must prepare for a future where these platforms become the vehicle for content discovery and personalized reading.


Is Your Content Review Process Out of Control?

Companies crave content—high-quality, timely, and accurate content that is brand supportive and designed to connect and compel target audiences to some desired action. To achieve these goals content providers, publishers, and organizations must establish content review processes. But they need to be both effective and efficient. Time is money.


4 Best Practices for Onboarding Freelancers

A mistake many companies make when bringing in freelancers is relying on the fact that these freelancers have industry experience and expertise and assuming they can hit the ground running, which overlooks the need to educate them on the company’s business, goals, challenges, and culture—in other words, onboarding.


The ROI of Managing Talent: The Metrics That Matter (white paper)

We all know that attracting top talent takes time—and money, but how much is too much? In a competitive recruiting environment, managing the metrics of talent acquisition can help talent leaders identify opportunities for improvement as well as areas of best practice. What metrics really matter and how can you set up manageable methods of tracking, and reporting on, results that resonate with the C-suite?


Succession Planning: Six Top HR Strategies (white paper)

HR is in a position to minimize the unexpected nature of these successions and minimize the time, cost and angst of filling key roles when they become vacant. Each of these situations—and many potential others—lead to the urgent need to replace a key individual within your organization. Unexpected succession situations happen in any industry and every company.


Building Trust: Critical Currency in a Competitive Job Market

Edelman’s research revealed that 64 percent of respondents felt that CEOs should take the lead in building trust. There’s good news on this front as CEOs were one of the groups that gained in credibility from 2017 to 2018—by 7 percentage points, a statistically significant shift. HR professionals are in a key position to work with their CEOs, and the senior leadership team, to help hold these gains in 2019.


Are You a Slave to SEO Keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important consideration in today’s digitally-driven content environment. After all, if you can’t get visitors to your site, and get them to engage with your content, you’ve obviously missed the mark. But, in an increasingly competitive quest to rank ever higher in Google SERP (search engine results page), some content marketers may go a bit overboard when it comes to chasing the numbers.


Reimagining Monetization in a Post-Advertising World

From rock-bottom prices to ad blockers, advertising is a tough way to monetize digital content. It always has been, of course, but the challenges are increasing in an environment in which content consumers are becoming more demanding, less patient, and jaded about the exploding number of intrusive ads they find themselves dealing with across a wide range of devices.


How Serious is Mark Zuckerberg About Keeping Facebook Data Private?

On March 6, Mark Zuckerberg made a commitment to spending the next several years reorienting Facebook’s apps toward encryption and privacy. Can we take him at his word? Find out what digital marketing and data privacy experts think.


Hiring Tech Has Potential, but Beware Automation Bias

Are we getting to the point where technology can nearly replace humans in the hiring process? It can screen applicants' resumes and conduct prescreening outreach—and much more. But beware the misconceptions and risks involved in having tech take over for HR professionals, particularly in decision-making processes.


Creative and Compliant Ways to Check References

Reference checking is a necessary evil of the hiring process, but it's fraught with challenges. The references that candidates provide can be overly biased toward the applicant. But searching beyond those references can lead to potential risk for the employer. And company policies often limit to salary and dates of service the information HR representatives, managers and others can share about a former employee.


Do New Tax Rules Throw Cold Water on Employee Events?

Tax changes that took effect last year now limit employers' ability to deduct employee entertainment events. But if businesses carefully navigate the new rules, exceptions allow them to continue deducting many employee meals and parties, at least in part.


The 4 C’s of Achieving a Workplace Culture Fit

There’s much talk in HR circles these days about the importance of culture fit. Companies not only want to hire employees with the skills to do the job, they also want employees whose personalities and passions align with the organization.


What is Customer Communications Management?

Customer communications management—or CCM—is a term that has been making its way into marketing and customer relations circles and conversations lately. But, is it something new, or just a repositioning of the same, classic approach to communication management that marketers have been using for years? Is this a term just used to apply to what is also known as digital marketing, or does it have an analog component as well?


C-Level Execs Share the Best Career Advice They Wish They Had Had Early in Their Careers

Hindsight is 20/20 they say, and that’s certainly true of careers. Senior level executives in particular, have powerful insights to share about things they wished they had done differently. Here’s a round-up of insights from C-level executives about the things they wished they had known earlier.


Payday Lending A New Opportunity for Community Banks?

Conduct a Google search for “payday loans” and you’ll turn up 13.6 million results. The loans, offered through storefronts in virtually every city around the country, are so named because they originated as a means for people to “get enough cash to tide me over until payday.”


Driving Down Time and Cost

The production cycle for many manufacturers, including box manufacturers, has been significantly shortened over the past several years, driven to a large degree by technology and consumer demand for faster and faster turnaround for all the various types of interactions and transactions they take part in daily. With Amazon providing two-day shipping at no cost through their Prime program, and other retailers following suit, companies of all kinds are finding that whatever customers are ordering o


A Worthy Investment

Every company—indeed, every individual—has a brand. A brand is an indication of how they are perceived and might be thought of as a personality. People have them. Products have them. Companies do, too. Importantly, while a brand is often considered to be such visible elements as logos, signage, typeface, colors, and tag lines, it is actually the sum of all consumer and customer interactions. Those visual elements are important—they’re a reinforcement and reminder of the brand, a visual way to ti


Embracing Disruption

First there were live plays, then radio, then film, then television, and today, streaming video, mobile devices, and a wide range of other ways of viewing entertainment. The introduction of each new method didn’t replace the prior options; today consumers can still view live plays as well as enjoy the myriad other forms of entertainment based on their interests and preferences.


Adaptation in the Digital Landscape

As more companies are adapting to new technology, digital printing and converting is becoming increasingly prevalent—at least from a “thinking about it” perspective. Packaging manufacturers aren’t the only manufacturers—or organizations—faced with critical go-forward decisions about the role that digital transformation is likely to play for their organizations.


The Value of Marketing in the Packaging Industry

Today’s competitive landscape for packaging manufacturers means that they can’t simply let their work speak for itself. While word-of-mouth continues to be an important way to build business, for most it is not enough. Increasingly, manufacturers are turning to marketing agencies to help them deal with what has become a very cluttered media landscape.


Labeling Conundrum

How regulations and standards are impacting lube manufacturers.


Converting PTO Funds to STudent Loan Relief Is a Timely Benefit

While employers recognize the need to help employees with loan debts, many can't justify additional benefit expenses—especially during an economic downturn. One option is to let employees convert unused PTO into loan-repayment funds or cash that can be used for other pressing needs.


Best Practices for Repurposing Content

It can be extremely expensive to feed the constant demand for content from a wide range of audiences. Content marketing has become a major industry in the 21st century, with companies of all types and sizes working hard to produce content to help them distinguish themselves from competitors as they attract and engage audiences that can represent potential customers.


Taking Another Look at LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the de facto place to seek candidates across a wide range of jobs and professions. But, as its membership numbers have grown, is it becoming more or less useful for recruiters and HR pros when seeking job candidates? We sought input from recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers on what works best for them to find and place top talent through LinkedIn. The good news: LinkedIn remains a top source of candidates and offers a number of options for finding potential member


Innovative Ways Companies Convey Culture When Hiring Remotely

Both employers and job candidates have come to consider culture and cultural fit important elements when making or accepting offers. But in a world where much hiring is taking place remotely—often via videoconferencing and tools like Zoom and Skype—how can companies adequately convey their culture? It's a challenge that many HR professionals have taken on, and they have important insights to share.


Communication Lessons From COVID-19 That Will Last Long Beyond the Pandemic

There have been some important communication lessons to be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. I asked content marketers to share their key takeaways—what has worked well for them, what hasn’t, and how the experience will shape their communications for months (or maybe years) to come.


The Top Marketing Trends: Automation and AI Are the 'New Normal'

Marketing has always been a fast-paced industry, with the pace quickened constantly by readily available and rapidly developing technology. But the COVID-19 pandemic and its worldwide impact was, arguably, the most disruptive force that marketers have seen in a long time. As we move beyond the pandemic, though, we can expect to see a continuation of some of the trends that were taking shape before COVID-19 and many more that have been fueled by COVID-19.


Trends in Influencer Marketing

The influencer landscape has shifted significantly over the past few years as government agencies—such as the FDA and the FTC—have stepped in to regulate what can be a tricky landscape for consumers as they try to separate hype from fact. Their primary focus is on transparency—that consumers can readily identify whether influencers are receiving some form of payment or benefit from posting about specific brands or products.


COVID-19 Drives Interest in Supplemental Unemployment Benefits

Supplemental unemployment benefit (SUB) plans allow employers to augment unemployment insurance (UI) benefits for laid-off employees, raising their overall pay to the full amount they previously received. That boost can help employers maintain goodwill with employees until the coronavirus crisis recedes and workers are back on the payroll.


Addressing The Mental Health Implications Of COVID-19

You, your employees and members have been bombarded with traditional and social media reports, speculation, facts, conjecture and outright mistruths for weeks now and the barrage is likely to continue. Amidst all the havoc, there are some things that credit union leaders can do to help manage their own and their employees’ mental health.


Is Programmatic Expertise Moving Inhouse?

In January, the global ad automation firm Kiosked released early insights from research that suggests that brands are pulling their programmatic and creative agency expertise inside. This is with an aim toward assuming more control of what's happening with this increasingly important element of their branding and marketing efforts.



Business Journalist

Independent business journalist specializing in content marketing, online communications, marketing and HR/employee relations. I am the author of more than 15 books, and hundreds, if not thousands, of articles on topics ranging from customer service to how metalworking fluids impact the food manufacturing industry. I’m a prolific writer and enjoy the process of digging into a topic and conducting research to create content to address readers' needs and interests.

Company: Various publications

I worked there from 1/2000 until now


Courses on a variety of communication and marketing related topics including consumer behavior, marketing research, business presentations and PR management for both undergraduate and graduate-level students, in live and online formats.

Company: UW-Eau Claire

I worked there from 1/2002 until now

Content Marketing

Owner/CEO of Strategic Communications, LLC, and a marketing and communication strategist with expertise in strategic planning, B2B content marketing, PR/media relations, social media and SEO. Her background as a freelance business journalist, advertising copywriter and corporate communication professional provides the foundation for understanding how to produce and use high-quality, personalized content to inform, motivate and engage audiences.

Company: Strategic Communications

I worked there from 1/2000 until now

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