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Lauren Treadwell


Financial Content Specialist

About Me

A seasoned writer with a portfolio of thousands and views in the millions, I have a passion for helping people live more comfortable financial lives. With over 15 years of experience, the majority of my work has been on personal and business finance topics. This practical experience is backed by a high-quality education and respected professional designations, allowing me to provide valuable, authoritative, engaging information to any audience.

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My Writing Samples

Optimizing Customer Experience for Financial Services

An increasing number of financial services companies are discovering that customers actually take identifiable, predictable paths that can be uncovered with a comprehensive, top-down view of every customer interaction on every channel.


CFO Strategic Empowerment Series 1

How CFOs become truly strategic players by deploying the Business Empowerment Maturity Playbook.


Launching a Data Driven Digital Transformation

Your company’s data landscape has to change from feudal to communal, an environment where everyone is a stakeholder and data is fully accessible to whoever needs it.


5 Things You Didn't Realize Can Tank Your Credit Score

These everyday activities may be covertly ruining your credit.


Can Last Year’s Tax Cuts Rescue the Flagging Retail Sector?

As the first quarter of 2018 comes to a close, investors and economists alike are weighing the effects of recent tax cuts on capital markets.


Whitepaper - The Value of Time

Time is Money - Money is Time: One of the best-known axioms in the business world. But can we put a dollar amount on the value of time? There are only so many hours in the workday and each one is intrinsically valuable. This is especially true for sales teams since the ineffective use of time quickly turns into lost deals and decreased company revenue.


UNIT4 Agresso ERP Case Study - Coventry City Council

UNIT4 Agresso ERP Local Government Platform underpins a transformation programme that has saved over £3M to date.




Sharp Financial Content provides web content, marketing material, and other media to a broad range of local, national and global companies including Experian, NASDAQ, Discover Financial, The Motley Fool, Zacks Investment Research, and Aflac. Although clients benefit immensely from my decade of experience as a financial services professional and writer, expert-level knowledge and ability aren't the only things that set Sharp Financial Content apart from other content companies. I also possess insider knowledge of search engine indexing standards, ensuring effective SEO and keyword selection. As a result, each piece of content is not only skillfully crafted, it's also fully optimized for high-ranking web placement.

Company: Sharp Financial Content

I worked there from 6/2011 until now

Freelance Writer

I have developed the ability to explain complex financial topics in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. I can also provide in-depth explorations of money-related subjects for more knowledgeable audiences.

Company: Various Publishers

I worked there from 9/2000 until now

Copy and Content Editor

I provide a full spectrum of proofreading and revision services including copy, substantive and developmental editing. Serving as quality control for both print and digital media, I ensure that organizations produce clear and effective communications.

Company: Various Publishers

I worked there from 6/2005 until now

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