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Health Technology B2B Content Writer

About Me

Hire Pamela to Write the Next-Level Content You Need to Drive Engagement and Boost Sales

"Great writing is lean, clean, and easy to understand." Drawing from 20+ years in healthcare, Pamela creates content to inform and engage. A professional writer since 2012, clients value her ability to distill jargon-heavy medical research into plain language.

“In the acute care setting, one of my favorite roles was that of patient advocate wherein I educated patients and family members regarding medical diagnoses, diagnostic testing, policy and procedure, and often just translated doctor-speak. We know from research that, in the clinical setting, education improves outcomes, which is why it’s a key component in providing value-based care.”

Pamela believes that to be successful in B2C (consumer-centric) industries, like health and wellness, alt medicine, bio-hacking, diet, and nutrition, clients need credible information from a trusted source. Therefore, whether she is writing a blog post or article for a health and wellness brand, a landing page for a physician’s office, or ghostwriting a thought leadership guest post for a C-level pharma executive, Pamela practices brand-voice continuity.

“Here’s the thing: your clients want to hear from you, not me. Having been a business owner, I understand the effort that goes into building a brand. Before I write the first word, I read your existing content and take great care to understand your business, its message, get to know those you serve. I always aim to create on-brand content in your unique voice.”
Besides writing health and wellness articles here at nDash, Pamela works as an alternative health copywriter at a digital marketing agency. And while she never allows SEO to hinder good writing, she always writes with SEO best practices in mind.

When asked why she’s a great candidate, 

Look, there are plenty of experienced content writers here who know how to use a colon, but fewer have helped remove one from the human body. I know that my background in healthcare, medicine, insurance, pharma — and patient education make me a more informed and empathic health and wellness copywriter.”

Over the last decade, I've become proficient in writing the following types of content: 

Here are my areas of expertise:

Healthcare and Medicine (B2B or B2C)

Health, Wellness, Diet, Exercise/Fitness

Biohacking (Ketogenic diet, Fasting, OMAD, Autophagy, mTOR, Stem cells, Plasma Rich Protein, peptides)

Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Emerging research and theory

Nursing, Informatics, Shortage

SEO, Marketing, Strategy

Some of my public clients include Orthology, AARP, The Minded Athlete, The Council on Aging, Prescriber360, Marketing360, Bold Media, Dr. Red Shoe, Care Credit, Ezra, Keswi, and many more.

Industries I Write About



Science & Medicine

Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

Can an MRI Replace Prostate Biopsy?

1200 word SEO-friendly article for the national brand Ezra. After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common male cancer, and it is also the most age-related. Men older than 65 have a one-in-six chance of developing prostate cancer with more than 248,000 diagnoses estimated for 2021. Black men can have a high risk of prostate cancer, as they’re 2.5 times more likely to develop the disease and more likely to die from it. On a positive note, the mortality rate associated with this


Is it Safe to Get a Mammogram During Covid and Why it's Dangerous to Delay Screening

1200 word SEO-friendly article for Ezra. Breast cancer takes a backseat to nothing. Breast cancer doesn’t care about a pandemic. It doesn’t care if clinics are closed. Like all diseases, cancer is opportunistic. To beat it, you have to take away its opportunity to spread. That means early detection. And that means prioritizing cancer screening.


What a Nurse Wants: 9 Essential Nurse Week Gifts They'll Love

1200-word SEO-friendly article for the national scrub brand, Keswi From first-aid to the front lines, nursing is a work of heart. Whether your special nurse is a close friend or family member, or you're participating in a community-wide celebration, our list of nine quintessential gifts for today's essential workers will take the guesswork out of Nurse Week gifts. But first, let's get you up to speed on the tradition behind Nurses Appreciation Week.


The Ancient Art of Soul Healing

Creative twist on an About Me page for a client. If your body is ailing, you consult a doctor. If your mind is restless, you see a therapist. But if your spirit needs healing, where do you go? If you live in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, you might start with a visit to Elena Avila. She holds a master’s degree in psychiatric nursing. However, she practices CURANDERISMO — a Hispanic folk medicine. It combines Spanish medicine and Aztec mindfulness with African healing customs.


Underneath it All: A complete guide to undershirts

SEO-friendly article written for the national scrub brand Keswi. Ask any outdoor adventurer, and they'll tell you the key to comfort — no matter how cold or warm it is outside — is dressing in layers. The most experienced among them know which materials hold in body heat to stay warm and understand which properties allow the skin to breathe. We're not saying that working a 12-hour shift is like climbing a mountain — it just feels that way some days.


Cute Scrubs: A Nurse's Guide Top Tricks and Style Hacks

Seo-friendly article for national scrub brand Keswi. Top scrub brands finally kicked SpongeBob to the curb and started designing cute scrub sets for the human body. At Keswi, we’re happy to report that “cute scrubs” are officially a thing.


The True Cost of a Bad Hire: A Business Case for Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Many HR duties can now be outsourced, this includes the recruitment through onboarding process. This 1000 word article makes a business case for using RPO to avoid a costly bad hire.


The Social Justice Innovation Link

American economist Milton Friedman once told the New York Times that a business’ sole purpose should be to generate profits for the shareholders and described an economy in which companies that chose to pursue other missions would, in the end, be less competitive. This would result in fewer benefits to owners, employees, and society. That was in 1970; just one year later Microsoft would invent the first microprocessor. This would change everything.


5 Reasons the Federal Government Went Cloud and the Lessons Enterprise Can Learn from the Experience

Over the past decade, the cloud has gone from being a risky proposition to a “sure thing,” regarding thinking in federal IT circles. Federal mandates, originating in the previous administration were driven hard by high-profile events like federal website launch failures and data breaches, making a move to cloud computing a top priority.


Are Your Feet Behind Your Back Pain?

Back pain affects more than 50% of all Americans, and it can start with, of all things -- your feet. Many sufferers are unaware of the connection between back pain and footwear. If you're like 90% of women in the US, the shoes you wear do not fit.


7 Delayed Symptoms You Should Never Ignore After a Car Accident

Car accidents are traumatic, even when there is minimal damage. Since some people experience a mental fog after a car crash — making it difficult to focus, they may not be aware of injury right away. Also, some injuries are not immediately evident. The fact of their delayed onset does not mean they are not serious or related to the accident. Here are seven deferred injury symptoms that you should not ignore when you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident (MVA)


If I Had Super Scrubs

Editors note: this was originally published on Modern Nurse. It was written to increase engagement. We had 200 comments and dozens of shares within a week of publishing.



Copywriter and Content Writer

Freelance writing, mostly spec pieces and long form SEO content.

Company: Income Store

I worked there from /2018 until 2/2020

Lead Writer

I work on national accounts like Ezra Scans, Keswi, and Welligent. My current role at Growth Machine is lead writer for a leading B2B health technology firm. I am gaining experience in corporate style guide development.

Company: Growth Machine

I worked there from 8/2019 until now

Writer, SEO, Marketing Manager

While with CRD Marketing, I experienced the culture and collaboration you can only get from a fast-paced marketing agency. I owned content strategy, project management, SEO, analytics for key accounts.

Company: CRD Marketing

I worked there from /2015 until /2021

Lead Writer and Career Coaching Advisor

I help healthcare pros rediscover their passion or create their next path.

Company: Ready, Set, Pivot

I worked there from /2018 until 2/2020

Copywriter and Front-end WordPress

I was hired as a copywriter in 2015. I took over front-end web design, working remotely with a team of developers via Git Hub. As the company grew, I took over as SEO and assisted with customer onboarding and account management in 2017. Through 2018, my role grew to encompass SEO strategy consulting and business development. I led a team from concept to launch of DesignShop.io, reporting directly to the founder. I enjoyed the excitement of start-up culture. I left to pursue writing and relax

Company: BME/Copywriter Today/ DesignShop.io

I worked there from /2015 until /2018

Nurse Recruitment

RN recruitment and outreach including account management and marketing.

Company: TeamHealth

I worked there from /2010 until /2014

Content I Write