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Freelance Writer CRD Marketing

About Me

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Registered Nurse, freelance writer, and marketing entrepreneur. I'm passionate about helping businesses connect with their audience in a meaningful and helpful way. 

It makes me sad to visit a company's website and find bland, jargon-heavy, content that fails to engage. I help clients stay on-voice and on-brand. It's the only way to win trusted advisor status.

My experience includes over 20 years in healthcare, plus 10 Years as a professional writer. I have a Bachelor's in Science (Nursing) and a Master's of Arts (Education).

I hold these certifications: Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Hubspot Content Marketing, Content Marketing Institute Certification, Success Works SEO Copywriting Certification

While at Business Marketing Engine, I lead a team of 12 content writers, SEOs, editors, and GIT developers using a Kanban project management approach.

Over the last decade, I've become proficient in writing the following types of content: 

Here are my areas of expertise:

Healthcare and Medicine (B2B or B2C)

Health, Wellness, Diet, Exercise/Fitness

Biohacking (Ketogenic diet, Fasting, OMAD, Autophagy, mTOR, Stem cells, Plasma Rich Protein)

Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Emerging research and theory

Nursing, Informatics, Shortage


SEO, Marketing, Strategy

Some of my public clients include Orthology, AARP, The Minded Athlete, The Council on Aging, Prescriber360, Marketing360, Bold Media, Dr. Red Shoe +many more.

Private clients: 100s more

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Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

The Athlete's Guide to Overcoming Social Anxiety in Sports

Have you ever felt irrationally anxious at the prospect of being judged or evaluated by others in a social situation? Has this type of anxiety ever led to feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, embarrassment, self-consciousness, humiliation, and ultimately depression? If this scenario sounds familiar, you may be experiencing social anxiety. The technical definition of social anxiety disorder, formerly called social phobia disorder, is “a marked and persistent fear of one or more social or ...


Artificial Intelligence: From Here to Utopia?

The idea of artificial intelligence is polarizing. It either repulses or excites people in equal measure. Will it bring a type of paradise or a technological hell? No matter your personal feelings or beliefs surrounding AI, there’s no going back. Our lives are already influenced by artificially intelligent machines, daily. New technology is continuously being brainstormed, designed, developed, and brought to market.There are bold theories involving two distinctly different futures. To understand



Traditionally, medical services have been provided on a fee-for-service (FFS) basis. Clinicians provide services from a super simple consult to a more involved treatment and, each action is charged for and billed separately. As is each and every item used, down to the tiniest bandage or piece of tape. The result: waste. Services and supplies, often overprescribed, are misused; with the patient, their insurance company, and often even the provider or healthcare organization absorbing the unnecess


OSHA After Trump: An Expert's Perspective

OSHA is one of the agencies that fall under the Department of Labor, who’s future, under a Trump presidency, has been the target of much debate. Recently, former Assist. Secretary of Labor, Edwin G. Foulke Jr., shared his perspective on the transition and offered insight on the expected changes to OSHA under President-elect Trump.


The True Cost of a Bad Hire: A Business Case for Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Many HR duties can now be outsourced, this includes the recruitment through onboarding process. This 1000 word article makes a business case for using RPO to avoid a costly bad hire.


Industry to Innovation: A Brief Economic Timeline

American economist Milton Friedman once told the New York Times that a business’ sole purpose should be to generate profits for the shareholders and described an economy in which companies that chose to pursue other missions would, in the end, be less competitive. This would result in fewer benefits to owners, employees, and society. That was in 1970; just one year later Microsoft would invent the first microprocessor. This would change everything.



Case studies are in-depth testimonials of your past or present customer’s success. Similar in nature to testimonials; however, they go much deeper. Here are the six undeniable reasons you need to include case studies, regularly, in your business blog. 1. Case Studies Provide Ultimate Social Proof. You can load your content with promises and statistics. You can give the best practices and advice. You can issue press releases for every new accomplishment. But what you cannot do is prove that your


5 Reasons the Federal Government Went Cloud and the Lessons Enterprise Can Learn from the Experience

Over the past decade, the cloud has gone from being a risky proposition to a “sure thing,” regarding thinking in federal IT circles. Federal mandates, originating in the previous administration were driven hard by high-profile events like federal website launch failures and data breaches, making a move to cloud computing a top priority.


Are You Worried About Your Memory?

Perhaps you have noticed more lapses in your memory. There are many reasons for changes in memory and thinking. Not all of them are serious. However, significant changes in your ability to remember or process thoughts, at any age, is a reason for concern. It is essential that you plan a visit to your doctor right away if you are experiencing these types of concerns.


Are Your Feet Behind Your Back Pain?

Back pain affects more than 50% of all Americans, and it can start with, of all things -- your feet. Many sufferers are unaware of the connection between back pain and footwear. If you're like 90% of women in the US, the shoes you wear do not fit.


3 Undeniable Clues it’s Time to Breakup — With Your Retail Job

“We need to talk.” Those words can be some of the most difficult to say when it is time to end a relationship, that at one time, was important to you. Sometimes it’s hard to decide when it is time to move on and other times you are so ready to be done; it is difficult putting emotions aside in order to be kind and sensitive. This article is designed to help you decide when it is time to have that talk, cut ties, and avoid burning bridges when breaking up with your job.


What Exactly is Inbound? And How to Make it Work for You

I am always surprised when people —business owners and even marketers— do not know what inbound is or are, at the very least, unsure. The good news is, it prompted me to really think about a few things, that to be honest, I hadn’t thought about in a while; things like what my definition of inbound marketing is, how it began, who is leading this ship, and where is it headed?


Employee or Contractor? The Costly Consequence of Employment Misclassification

Many legal issues can arise from the nuances of business and employment law. It is common for companies just starting out to have more contractor relationships since it means you do not need to provide benefits like vacation, holiday, or sick pay. It is also true that you are not required to pay certain taxes and insurances associated with regular employees nor are you responsible for overtime pay rates.


Why Influencer Campaigns Work and How to Build an Influencer Persona

Research has shown that 87 percent of businesses plan to execute at least one influencer marketing campaign this year. If you aren’t quite sure whether this type of marketing is right for your business or if you aren’t even sure what it is, we encourage you to continue reading. What is Influencer Marketing and Why Does it Work?


3 Resources to Help You Find Top-Quality Guest Bloggers

You have optimized your website for SEO, you have an active social media presence are growing your audience, but you still need increased exposure your business, then perhaps guest blogging the next avenue to explore. By connecting with thought leadership, experts, and bloggers in your industry, you not only improve your reach through new alliances but you have the opportunity to build more authority with your own readership. The important thing is not to have all the answers but finding someone


7 Delayed Symptoms You Should Never Ignore After a Car Accident

Car accidents are traumatic, even when there is minimal damage. Since some people experience a mental fog after a car crash — making it difficult to focus, they may not be aware of injury right away. Also, some injuries are not immediately evident. The fact of their delayed onset does not mean they are not serious or related to the accident. Here are seven deferred injury symptoms that you should not ignore when you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident (MVA)


Can you Make Money Blogging? How to Succeed Plus What to Avoid

Turning your passion or hobby into a business is for many the epitome of the American Dream. But what if you don’t have the funds or desire to start a brick and mortar business? Many have found a way to offer their expertise as a service —through blogging. According to industry expert, Jeff Bullas, 14 percent of all bloggers make a salary from their blogs. However, to operate a successful blog, you’ll need to have a business mindset.


If I Had Super Scrubs

Editors note: this was originally published on Modern Nurse. It was written to increase engagement. We had 200 comments and dozens of shares within a week of publishing.



Lead Writer and Career Coaching Advisor

I help healthcare pros rediscover their passion or create their next path.

Company: Ready, Set, Pivot

I worked there from /2018 until now

Copywriter and Front-end WordPress

I was hired as a copywriter in 2015. I took over front-end web design, working remotely with a team of developers via Git Hub. As the company grew, I took over as SEO and assisted with customer onboarding and account management in 2017. Through 2018, my role grew to encompass departmental consultanting and business development. I led a team from concept to launch of DesignShip.io, reporting directly to the founder. I enjoyed the excitement of start-up culture. I left to pursue writing and relax

Company: BME/Copywriter Today/ DesignShop.io

I worked there from /2015 until /2018

Nurse Recruitment

RN recruitment and outreach including account management and marketing.

Company: TeamHealth

I worked there from /2010 until /2014

Copywriter and Content Writer

Freelance writing, mostly spec pieces and long form SEO content.

Company: Income Store

I worked there from /2018 until now

Writer, Business Dev, SEO Consultant

I'm pulling triple duty for yet another startup - but this time it's my husband's

Company: CRD Marketing

I worked there from /2019 until now

Content I Write