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Writer, editor, writing teacher/professor/tutor

About Me

Hi there! I'm Miranda. I'm an experienced writer, an editor, a writing teacher and writing tutor, an academic/ESL tutor, and an adjunct college English professor (I have 10+ years of experience teaching writing classes focused on rhetoric/persuasive writing).

I've written for various publications, websites, agencies, and clients and have extensive copywriting, editing, and copy editing experience.

My writing portfolio and selected examples of my published work are available at portfolio.mirandachale.co. Additionally, my detailed resume can be found here, and I'm also on LinkedIn (feel free to add me as a contact). 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like more information about my freelance writing services. Also, if you have any other professional inquiries or if you’d just like to connect and say hello, contact me anytime.



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Law & Politics


Health & Wellness

Real Estate



My Writing Samples

Writing/Editing Portfolio

My professional writing/editing portfolio and selected examples of my published work.



Freelance Writer/Editor

I'm an experienced writer who has produced deliverables for publications, agencies, businesses, & individuals. My speciality is persuasive marketing copy, which allows me to make use of my knowledge of effective methods of persuasion gained from academic research & teaching experience. I also have extensive editing experience, including copy editing, line editing, & developmental editing. I've worked for agencies, businesses, individuals, &authors. Work examples are available on my portfolio.

Company: Various Publications, Websites, Agencies, and Clients

I worked there from 9/2001 until now

Tutor/Consultant (Writing, Academic, ESL, Test Prep)

I've worked as a writing tutor/consultant & academic/language/ESL tutor on & off for years, & recently started my own tutoring/consulting business. I create individualized tutoring plans for each client, making sure they know exactly *why* the work we do together will be beneficial & *how* these benefits can & will be achieved. In addition to working with clients via my tutoring business,I'm also interested in other tutoring/consulting opportunities. More info can be found on my tutoring site

Company: Various/Self

I worked there from 1/2006 until now

Adjunct English Professor/Writing Instructor

I have 10+ years of experience developing & teaching college writing courses (specializing in persuasive writing/rhetoric) both in the classroom & online. Because I developed the content for my courses, I'm not only an experienced, skilled, & passionate teacher, but also an experienced & skilled curriculum developer. I'm also familiar with edtech tools & know how to use them effectively. I'm currently looking for new teaching positions where I can put my skills, experience, & passion to use.

Company: Various Colleges

I worked there from 1/2004 until now

Content I Write