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About Me

Colin W. Barry is an avid writer. Previously wanting to pursue a career in radio, Colin found his niche with writing after being placed in an introduction to journalism course. He's able to tackle different subjects in many different styles. His favorite topics include video games, films and, of course, technology.

Colin is also a huge movie, video game and comic book nerd. As a hobby, he writes creatively on the side. Some works include movie scripts, short stories and, naturally, comic book/video game ideas.

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My Writing Samples

TUGG’s Continued Mission to Give Back

TUGG (Tech Underwriting Greater Good) leaves a continuing impact on the Boston tech sector, but how did it get there? I spoke with Mike Cole, Executive Director of TUGG, to talk about the organization's history, the successful events they hosted, and their plans for the future.


A Retrospective of Techstars Boston’s Decade of Success

Techstars Boston recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. I connected with Techstars Boston's Managing Director Clement Cazalot and Program Manager Jen Riedel to talk about the accelerator's history, success, and its effects on the Boston tech industry.


A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Lyft’s New England Business Operations

One of the regions where Lyft has become apparent is the Boston area. And much of the business increase can be attributed to the Lyft New England team, led by its General Manager Tyler George. I spoke with George about how the business has grown and how they have connected to the Boston tech scene.


Hartford’s Fortune - The Capital City of Connecticut’s Ongoing Journey to Becoming a Tech Hub

Take a trip a few hours below Boston, and you will arrive in Hartford, Connecticut, where you may realize that there is an entrepreneurial tech scene that is not only scaling but prospering.


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – The 10th Anniversary

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and the rest of the series as a whole, embodies Naughty Dog’s spirit of consistency. Many of their games have an underlying development theme of “not doing anything new, but rather doing everything right.” In the same way, Indiana Jones was a celebration of adventure film serials and tropes, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune celebrates the same tropes but within action video games. The game does not do anything truly new or revolutionary, but rather sets out to entertain.


The Ins-and-Outs of the DCU FinTech Innovation Center

The DCU FinTech Innovation Center is one of the premier FinTech accelerators in Boston, but their overall goal is one that affects the ecosystem in a positive way. I spoke with the accelerator's Managing Director Vasilios Roussos to talk about the accelerator's mission. In addition to that, I also spoke with three startups currently in the Center and learned about their experiences.




Research and write articles on all aspects of technology, ranging from smartphone apps, to local and international startup companies to video games to interviewing CEOs of various startup companies. Obtained additional knowledge with SEO and enhanced skills with WordPress.

Company: KnowTechie

I worked there from 1/2016 until 5/2017

Content Manager

As the “utility player” of VentureFizz, I write, edit, and manage original content related to our clients (called BIZZpages) and about the Boston tech ecosystem. Those include Q&As with founders, spotlighting engineering teams, and giving folks an inside look at some of Boston tech’s coolest offices. I also help maintain VentureFizz’s various social media accounts. In addition to that, I create and design the weekly email campaigns for Boston and New York City. Finally, I help promote events.

Company: VentureFizz

I worked there from 2/2017 until now

Content I Write