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Catherine Stearns, CWWS


Onsite Health Coach at Cigna

About Me

Corporate health coach by day, freelance writer by every other hour. Mom to two young ones, Marathoner, and crossfitter, healthy is how I roll. Would love to work freelance full time if I can find the right opportunities. 

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Health & Wellness

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When it comes to Winter weight gain....think Spring!

As the weather starts to change and the days get shorter, the impending doom of winter weight gain starts to settle in. But what if you took a different approach this year? What if you took action now to ward off that extra winter layer before it has a chance to weigh you down?


Step Away from the Scale

Do you have a scale in your bathroom? Do you step on it every day? As a nation, we are focused on all the wrong numbers when it comes to our weight control. A new, more efficient and smarter way of thinking about our weight and nutrition is starting to take shape.



Onsite Health Coach

As an OHC for Cigna I work closely with my Client and their partners in evaluating present health management program and assist in formulating a plan for future wellness programming. My daily activities include: • Providing onsite face-to-face employee coaching, support and education. • Assisting in the identification of members' health advocacy needs. • Utilizing motivational interviewing and engagement strategies to support overall health and wellness of employees. • Educating and refer members to available health resources. • Providing onsite support to members in order to help them identify a need for behavior change to improve health status, reduce health risks and improve quality of life. • Educating members about the availability of decision support tools where multiple treatment options are available. • Following up with employees to ensure that wellness program engagement has been achieved and assess future educational and/or program referral needs. • Consulting with other onsite health and wellness resources to ensure employee's comprehensive health needs are being addressed. • Providing health and wellness education utilizing a multitude of media including group presentations, support group facilitation, creative use of modalities (i.e. games, quizzes, etc), newsletter contributions, etc.

Company: Cigna

I worked there from 3/2015 until now

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