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Freelance Writer/Inbound Marketing/SEO Copywriting

About Me


As a professional freelance writer for nearly a decade, I have sold more than 15,500 pieces of content. My clients include Forbes, Insight, Vero Beach Magazine, TellMeBest, Infographic World and many more. 

From feature articles to managed content to white papers, my expertise extends into many areas. Industries I write for include accounting, healthcare, legal, business, marketing, entertainment, construction, education, and many more.

As a person who has experienced the negative impact of addiction on my family, I also enjoy writing about substance abuse and the many treatment options that are available, including medical-based treatment such as suboxone clinics.

I have excellent writing skills, accompanied by extreme attentiveness to detailed instructions and strict deadlines.

Throughout my career as a writer, I have learned how to deploy a variety of content marketing tactics, including those that boost lead generation, enhance brand awareness, and effectively target segmented audiences.

Industries I Write About


Science & Medicine

Law & Politics




My Writing Samples

EMR Challenges, Benefits and Tips for Integration

Why have so many hospitals switched over to electronic records? Are hospitals the only health care facilities benefiting from them? Let’s take a quick look at the challenges, benefits and characteristics of electronic medical records.


A Checklist for EMR Implementation

Let’s take a look at a checklist for establishing a plan for EMR implementation . And keep in mind that no matter the system you choose, you must make sure that it “allows for customization so that you can tailor it to your practice.”


Using big technology to achieve small-town success

PERSONAL ECONOMY Using big technology to achieve small-town success By Whitney Cann When living and working in a small community, you might think that your business is limited to a proportionately small number of resources. However, in reality, businesses in small towns have access to just as many technological resources—computer software programs, the Internet, virtual clouds—as those that operate in big cities.


5 ways to increase fundraising efforts for your child’s sports team

As the parent of a sports player, you are undoubtedly familiar with fundraisers. In fact, every time you turn around, you probably have the boosters in your face asking you to donate money or contribute your time to raising money. Truth is, your child's sports team needs money in order for it to function.


WordPress: A Startup Essential for Successful Entrepreneurship

Whether you’re a Higher Ed organization looking to better serve your students or a retail shop attempting to expand brand awareness, WordPress is a mighty force to be reckoned with that turns your goals into a reality. It is available in 62 languages and is the most used CMS, enjoying nearly 60% of the market share. Let’s explore the top four reasons your startup needs to take advantage of all that WordPress has to offer.



Content Creator/Writer

www.whitneycann.com Content creation services creation at their finest. Enjoy a wide range of content creation services for small businesses at a reasonable price.

Company: Whitney Cann

I worked there from 9/2014 until now

Content Creator

Content creation, implementing SEO tactics, meeting strict deadlines, completing revision requests

Company: Writer Access/InfographicWorld/TellMeBest

I worked there from 1/2014 until now

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