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Digital Marketing Consultant, Content Creator, Karaoke Singer

About Me

I am a writer, editor, and digital marketing consultant living in Boston. I have extensive experience working as the head of global marketing and at multiple companies where my primary focus has been on developing content strategies and operations that drive revenue.

Bringing 20 years of professional creative experience to my craft, I help businesses grow using the power of words.

Please visit my LinkedIn page for more info and my website for additional writing samples.

I write about a variety of topics for B2B/C, C-Suite, SMBs to global enterprise audiences. Some of my favorites include:

- Fintech/Cryptocurrency
- All things Marketing
- SaaS
- Future of Work
- VR/AR/XR, Metaverse
- Gaming
- Fitness

I am delighted to share samples of blogs, blog posts, eBooks, emails, newsletters, copywriting, branding, social media campaigns, and more. Hit me up with questions! I'm quick to respond and deliver on time. 

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My Writing Samples

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Content & Social Media Engagement Manager

* Pioneered content development and process for 2015’s #1 entrepreneurial advice app, generating over $250K in revenue by leading global focus groups for potential corporate partners; coached, trained, and mentored 25+ senior writers, influencers, designers, and social media specialists from Entrepreneur, Time, Wired * Established Endurance’s first content marketing process serving 5.4M subscribers * Conceptualized and authored CEO blog, internal employee SMS-messaging platform, Intranet

Company: Endurance International Group

I worked there from 8/2014 until 12/2017


*Founded and orchestrated the delivery of a full-scale digital marketing consulting business; branding, website development, strategic sales, marketing, social media, fiscal administration, human resources, visual design, and operational standards * Select clients: ECi Software Solutions, Citizens Bank, Constant Contact, Bluehost, Coldwell Banker

Company: Voyager Communications

I worked there from 9/2009 until now

Vice President, Head of Global Marketing

*Built and let the global marketing team, specializing in brand and communications—editorial, social media, email marketing, public relations resulting in consistently achieving over $5.2M target pipeline/month, exceeding 147% of new business YTD goals in H1 *Championed new brand, company name, and product positioning that resulted in immediate 25% site conversion uptick, increased client NPS, improved internal comms, collateral, and operations for sales and client service teams

Company: The RepTrak Company

I worked there from 12/2017 until 9/2020

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