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Melanie LoBue


Content Creator & Marketer

About Me

I am a freelance writer, editor, and digital marketing consultant living in Boston.

Bringing over 20 years of professional creative experience to my craft, I help businesses grow using the power of words.

Please visit my LinkedIn page for more info.

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My Writing Samples

How Many Emails Should You Be Sending Your Customers?

Seven? Maybe only five… or how about… ummm zero? Per week, month, quarter???


Clever Ways to Network and Drive Traffic to Your Website

It’s a simple formula: The more website traffic your business has, the more likely you are to make a sale.


Airbnb, Uber -- Now: The Rise of Online Lending

We can (and should) talk about passion, leadership, and full-stack/content/social marketing, but at the end of the day (and Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful would concur), cash is king.


Your Ultimate Guide to Social Media Post Ideas Part 2

Did video kill the copywriting star?!


Get Yourself a Professional Email, Already!

One of the key differentiators between an amatuer and a professional business owner, is their email address. While this may not be fair, it’s true.



Content & Social Media Engagement Manager

Manage social media plus content creation, strategy and implementation for Endurance International Group & many of its brands. This includes: content development and management, social media engagement and listening, project management, influencer strategy, analytics reporting, CRM, email marketing, design, copywriting, editing, leading focus groups, and whatever else needs to get done.

Company: Endurance International Group

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

Digital Marketing Project Lead

Work in a consultant capacity for a variety of small- to global-sized companies where I manage dedicated teams in website development, marketing, and search optimization. I specialize in social media outreach, content creation and execution. ECi Software Solutions, Endurance International Group/Constant Contact, Coldwell Banker, Service Inbound, Pixere, Tufts University, Octed, The Service Coach, Kanak Naturals

Company: Voyager Communications

I worked there from 9/2009 until now

Content & Social Media Strategist

Create and manage digital content and social media strategies and assets that align with product launches, seasonal sales cycles, and audience demands.

Company: Citizens Bank

I worked there from 5/2017 until now

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