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Freelance Writer

About Me

I am a driven individual who would like to use my experiences to improve understanding of human life. I completed my BAs in Psychology and Sociology/Anthropology with honors, and have an MA in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. I am a passionate writer who loves to be involved with social issues, especially when I can add a human element to the discourse or bring a new conversation to the table. I plan to earn a PhD in political or social psychology and use my expertise to not only contribute to the scientific literature on the subject, but also to make that information more accessible for the general public in order to bring important conversations out of academia and into the mainstream. Specialties: My fields of study include nonproliferation, terrorism studies, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. I also do very well on international platforms such as Model United Nations.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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Health & Wellness

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Freelance Writer

I am a self-employed writer, editor, and researcher. My work has appeared in Narratively, ThinkProgress, Everyday Feminism, Good, Yahoo Beauty, Playboy, and others. I specialize in telling personal stories with broader significance, foreign policy, and psychology. View my website http://www.kdkwrites.com!

Company: Self

I worked there from 12/2014 until now

Overnight Crisis Line Specialist

Company: Portland Women's Crisis Line

I worked there from 4/2016 until now

Social Media Coordinator

I manage the Twitter account for the Center for Partnership studies and help to ensure the website is kept up-to-date. Recent projects include arranging a Twitter chat about the center's work and the upcoming Social Wealth Economic Indicators. I will also help to facilitate the transition from a Drupal platform to a Wordpress platform in the coming months.

Company: Center for Partnership Studies

I worked there from 6/2014 until now


Company: Horse Sense Riding School

I worked there from 12/2015 until now

Social Media Coordinator

I help Riane Eisler maintain her professional website through regularly updating it with new materials she's published or with articles written about her work. In addition, I take care of ensuring her social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) are maintained, active, and valuable assets for her professional image. In the first month of my efforts, her Facebook interactions doubled and her followers on Twitter began growing substantially.

Company: Riane Eisler

I worked there from 6/2014 until now

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