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B2B Content Writer Specializing in SaaS, Insurance, Finance, Real Estate, Tech

About Me

Hi, I'm a Boston based content writer. 

After a career in finance, working in mutual and hedge funds, I embarked on a freelance writing career.

Today, I work with brands in finance, insurance, and real estate. Clients I've worked with include UBS, Cake Insurance, Protective Life, CB Insights, and Coldwell Banker, among others.

My expertise in content marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) means I can go above and beyond many other writers when it comes to crafting content around a keyword, performing content audits, and creating a content strategy.

I price on a per project basis with flexible rates, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

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How Big Tech Is Finally Tackling Cybersecurity

We take a look at how Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple have addressed recent controversies around cybersecurity — and how they’re filling privacy gaps.


How Big Tech Is Battling To Own The $49B Voice Market

We take a look at how Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple are looking to transform user experiences beyond the smart speaker and home assistant.


Making the most of Social Security

Saving for the retirement you want goes beyond your investment portfolio: It also includes all the other financial resources at your disposal. One of those resources is Social Security. While you likely won't need to heavily rely on it as a source of income, your Social Security benefit has the potential to be worth far more than you might think.


Smart Budgeting for Microsoft Dynamics GP Users

How Microsoft Dynamics GP Users can use SaaS tools for smart budgeting.


What you need to know about insurance when you hire a nanny.

An overview of the regulations and rules on hiring a nanny in Colorado and how workers' comp can help.


Preparing Clients for a Bull-to-Bear Market Shift

No advisor wants to sit down with a client to discuss a potential market downturn. But, when it comes to stocks, that’s the just part of it. Bull markets don’t tend to last indefinitely. While your clients likely understand that the market has its ups and downs—especially if they made it through the crash of 2008—they might not be prepared to face the realities of a shift to a bear market again. That’s where you come in


Reveal Marketing: Unwrapping the Secrets to Higher Engagement

Guide/White Paper on Reveal Marketing


Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing with Facebook Lead Ads

Real estate agents have been using Facebook ads for years, but Facebook lead ads have revolutionized lead collection in the industry. Facebook lead ads help you find leads in real time—a huge advantage given the importance of timing in real estate. Even a few minutes between interest and contact can be the difference between your next big commission and losing out to the competition.


Starting Fresh: How to Buy a New Home Construction

Personalization, customization, fewer repairs, and less maintenance are just some of the benefits of buying a newly built home. Find out how you can buy a new home construction today!



Content Strategist and Writer

I'm a freelance finance, insurance, and real estate writer. I've worked with clients on topics ranging from maximizing social security to commercial lease provisions and workers' compensation insurance. My experience in this area plus my in depth knowledge of content marketing allows me to go above and beyond just writing.

Company: lizfroment.com

I worked there from 10/2012 until now

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