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Ghostwriter. Copywriter. Marketer

About Me

Freedom Ahn (Chevalier) is a certified digital marketer, content strategist with a focus on business, finance (including forex, financial technology, tax, international finance, corporate finance, personal finance, and budgeting. She has extensive experience working closely with remote clients to understand their unique needs, goals, and challenges; collaborating with team members to develop engaging content strategy, and organize & conduct interviews with SMEs. She welcomes new remote clients, and work.

She is also the founder and senior copywriter at WriteAhn - digital marketing agency whose specialties include business operations; careers (recruiting, & human resources, talent management, productivity, and workforce issues); tax issues; finance (venture capital, M&A, private equity transactions, forex, investing, credit cards, budgeting, personal finance...); investor relations; oil, solar, and energy sector; drones, crypto-, digital currencies, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity.

Freedom has been all over the world in publications including The Independent, Huffington Post, The Telegraph (UK), The Chicago Sun-Times, The Telegraph, The Los Angeles Times, and The Jerusalem Post, and more.

🔲 Core Competencies 🔲

▪️ Strong communications and digital media background;

▪️ 8 years digital writing and project management experience;

▪️ Advanced knowledge of SEO (and how it applies to content marketing);

▪️ Demonstrated ability to successfully manage multiple projects;

▪️ Experience in developing workflows and project timelines;

▪️ Advanced knowledge of HTML and Web CMS platforms. Freedom has a demonstrated record of creating landing pages that achieve sustained conversion rates (45%+ monthly), developing email newsletters that consistently earn CTRs above industry standards, & increase in blog views (560% annually).




✍ Digital portfolio: http://freedomahn.pressfolios.com/

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My Writing Samples

Financial Technology Is Changing How We Do Business

This informative piece on Fintech's Finacial Revolution was shared more than 2K times on social media


New Tax Year, New You

As a freelancer or micro-business owner, you happily celebrate two new years: the January Auld Lang Syne shenanigans and the start of a new tax year. While the latter doesn’t quite hold the same excitement that surrounds the start of a real New Year, it’s worth making some financial resolutions to ensure the 2018/19 tax year is one of your best yet.


Senior Health: The Paw-sitive Effects Of Pets

This became a Huffington PostHealthy Living featured story after just a few hours!


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Mortgage Insurance

This client education piece on Mortgage Insurance became an email success!


6 Ways To Save For University

This post on smart ways to save for university was featured in a BING email alert, twice!


More Women Becoming Entrepreneurs in Ontario

This post on the increased number of women becoming entrepreneurs in Ontario was featured in a Google alert for targeted keywords.


Smartphone, Internet Use Rising in Emerging Economies

This post on Smartphone technology earned more than 2K shares in one day


Electronics & Technology Giant Toshiba Cutting 5% Of Workforce

This news item on Toshiba was shared more than 4K times on social media


What Is Consumer Credit? – Everything You Should Know (What Is Credit Counseling & a Credit Counselor?)

This post on consumer credit was shared more than 3K times on social media!


10 Steps To Successfully Starting An Ecommerce Business

This informative guide still earns unique views monthly - after four years!


How the New Tax Law Affects You

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law on December 22, 2017. It incorporates several revisions to tax laws as Americans know them, making it a hot topic in the news. It’s understandable to be confused by all the new changes. That’s why we’re breaking down the ones most likely to impact you.


How to get educated on the Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies

With ever – growing popularity and interest in cryptocurrencies, aspiring investors often wonder about the ways to become knowledgeable in the field, in order to take more educated decisions on the market. There are variety of media from which people can acquire this knowledge – starting with online tutorials, all the way to live courses and studies.



When tasked with purchasing small business computer systems, it can be a bit intimidating. What kind of device do you need? Are there brands that are better than others? How much memory is required?



Managed services is a term that refers to the practice of outsourcing your company’s IT computer network support and management to improve business operations. Companies like Dynamix Solutions would take the place of a full-time IT professional that you would normally have on staff.Companies that provide these managed services are called Managed Services Providers (MSP).


8 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Tips You Oughta Know

Want to make a serious splash with affiliate marketing?Dreaming of making six figures from the comfort of your home?These seven affiliate marketing tips will show you how to do just that—so stay in your pajamas and brew another cup of coffee.You might be thinking, “Home, pajamas, coffee? Sounds like the easy life!”Well, if it were all that easy, then wouldn’t everyone be doing it?



Disasters – when they strike – can cause a significant amount of loss to a business. They can give business leaders sleepless nights. However, you can mitigate a disaster’s impact on business by putting an IT disaster recovery strategy in place.Every business leader is responsible for creating a business continuity plan, which includes disaster management. Creating a disaster recovery plan prepares you for the worst-case scenarios. The plan helps you make provisions for complete as well as parti


How You May Be Able to Retire Early Retirement

If you want to figure out how you may be able to retire early, you could start by defining what early retirement really means to you. Full retirement benefits traditionally kick in at age 65 for things like Social Security — but "early retirement" could mean somewhere in your 50s instead.It could also be even earlier, depending on your desires and goals. Some have managed to "retire" as early as their 30s — although part of those in this group still earn an income through hobbies or investments.


Common Mistakes People Make When Starting Their Business

Getting ready to launch a brand-new business? That's a big and exciting move to make—but there are a lot of mistakes you could make along the way if you're not paying attention.Sure, not all mistakes are bad, especially if you learn from them. But if you know the potential pitfalls many new entrepreneurs fall into, you can increase your own chances of success by learning from the mistakes others have made. Here are five common ones to avoid.


Go Bank Reviews – Everything You Want to Know

Our GoBank.com reviews dig deep. We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to. We’ll tell you everything you need to know in one comprehensive GoBank Review.


Spending Fasts: Five Steps to Get Back on the Bandwagon

So you’ve decided to purge yourself from past financial mistakes and save some money by going on a spending fast. Easier said than done, right? What happens if you’ve lost momentum, or are finding that your goals have started to fall by the wayside? Here are ways you can get back on track once you’ve fallen off the bandwagon


How to Save for Your Children’s College When You’re Still in Debt

If you’re a parent who is going back to school with student debt, should you start saving for your kids’ college fund while still trying to pay off debt? Here are some ways you can approach this conundrum and actually do both:


How to Make the Most of Your Credit Card Reward Points

So you’ve been more at ease with reaching for the plastic, learned the major differences between using credit and debit, and have made strides in boosting your credit score. Congrats! But what are the best ways to earn points on your credit cards, and how can you make the most from your rewards? Here are some ways you can maximize the reward points on your credit cards:


6 Things About Money Every Teen Should Know

So your teen might have passed their driver’s test with flying colors and aced their latest history test, but what about money matters? While you might get an eye roll from your teen when it comes to teaching them about, say, the importance of saving their money, it’s essential that they have a solid understanding of core financial concepts that will set the stage for their success as adults. Here are six things about money that every teen should know, and a few savvy ways you can help give your teens a financial education:


Buddy Up to Stick to Your Financial Goals

How much could you save if you and your roommate made a pact not to buy anything for a year? Try $55,000. That’s what two roommates in Calgary accomplished last year, according to Forbes. In the spirit of saving, here are some advantages for enlisting a buddy to keep you accountable for your savings goals:


5 Finds for Cats at the Dollar Store

Need to save feline funds? You'll find these five cat items at the dollar store.


How to Control Spending When Out with Friends

Trying to stick to your budget but find yourself overdoing when going out with friends? Join the club. A recent study by social scientist Nicholas Christakis reveals how our social network can have a profound influence on major aspects of our lives, from our weight to our happiness.


How to Create a Budget That’s Perfect For You

"Come up with a budget—and stick to it.” It’s tried-and-true advice, but crafting that initial budget can be a confusing, overwhelming process. It doesn’t have to be, though. If you’re taking your first crack at building out your budget, there are some rules of thumb you can follow to help you avoid some common pitfalls.


A Closer Look at Relocating in Retirement

It’s National Save for Retirement Week! Established by Congress in 2006, this week is all about retirement savings. Whether retirement is around the corner or in your distant future, we’re sure you’d like to see those extra dollars in your bank account when the time comes! Navy Federal will observe this “holiday” by sharing financial tips to ensure you ride off into the sunset with healthy, stable savings. According to a study by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, 64 percent of retirees have moved or anticipate moving in retirement. Why? To be close to family members and to reduce living costs. If you’re a recent retiree or are retiring soon, ask yourself these few questions before making big moving plans.


5 Golden Rules of Keeping Your Bitcoin Wallet Secure

Everything you need to know about how to keep your cryptocurrency wallet safe. The BTC.com wallet has just released a new feature that helps users assess the security of their account! For this occasion, we thought to gather the most important account security tips. The most simple and often overlooked step is choosing your password.


5 major things that happened with bitcoin in 2017

In January, 2017 bitcoin was worth appr. $1000. By the end of the year, its price rose over $15 000. This huge price increase, however, was merely a side effect of something much greater: worldwide cryptocurrency adoption!


Guide to Income Protection

Financial resilience and peace of mind for individuals and householdsIf you were one of the million people in the UK each year that find themselves unable to work due to a serious illness or injury, how would you cope financially? The Association of British Insurers 2017 findings highlight the fact that of these, many find it difficult to survive on their savings or on sick pay from work.


Guide to Stock Market Turbulence

The overall direction of developed stock markets is a relentless and continual rise in value over the very long term, punctuated by falls.It’s important not to let global uncertainties affect your financial planning for the years ahead. Individuals who stop their investment planning, particularly during market downturns, can often miss out on opportunities to invest at lower prices.


What should investors make of Bitcoin Mania

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are receiving intense media coverage, prompting many investors to wonder whether these new types of electronic money deserve a place in their portfolios.Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin emerged only in the past decade. Unlike traditional money, no paper notes or metal coins are involved. No central bank issues the currency, and no regulator or nation state stands behind it.



Content Writing | Digital Marketing | Project Management

I create content for a variety of print & digital publications including Money Nuggets, The Penny Hoarder, and ADP. As a trained journalist, I am fluent in AP style, follow deadlines and develop content to fit each publication or company. My areas of expertise include budgeting, credit scores, banking, saving, retirement, debt, taxes, business, freelance, insurance, student loans, banking, mergers & acquisitions, forex, financial technology, blockchain, payments, P2P, and wallets.

Company: WriteAhn

I worked there from 1/2005 until now

Finance, Technology, & Culture Writer

As a contributor to Huffington Post, I sought ways to bring clarity to consumers as they make decisions about their money and plan for their futures. I enjoyed working hard to provide useful, actionable information, to help consumers make smarter decisions and get more out of their lifestyles.

Company: The Huffington Post

I worked there from 8/2016 until 12/2017

Freelance Journalist

I am a freelance journalist with 16 years of experience writing about finance, technology, business, Pacific Rim culture, & travel. My work has appeared in publications such as Huffington Post, The Independent, BBC, Health.com and Financial Planning, among others. I have expertise in the areas of health insurance;, mortgages and real estate; retirement planning; and investing; stocks; forex; bitcoin, blockchain & financial technology; payments, wallets, and P2P.

Company: Various Magazines & Newspapers

I worked there from 1/2008 until now

Marketing Content Writer

Develop marketing content for staffing, recruiting, and HR departments. I worked closely with clients to understand their particular needs, goals, and challenges. Collaborate with team members to develop content strategy. Organize and conduct interviews with subject matter experts for articles. Created landing pages that achieved sustained conversion rates of 45%+ monthly; Developed email newsletters that consistently earned CTRs above industry standards; 560% increase in blog views yearly.

Company: Haley Marketing Group

I worked there from 4/2016 until 2/2018

Money & Wealth Editor

Oversee wealth management, personal finance, and investment management teams (20 staff in total). Work closely with team, business development, and customers to deliver timely, insightful and analytical news as well as new products to media and professional clients.

Company: Viking Media

I worked there from 10/2015 until 3/2016

Program Communication Officer | Citizen Service Officer

Income Security Programs Canada Pension, Old Age Security ❧ Interview clients from a cross-section of society to gather information; Explain complex technical & legislative jargon to client base comprised of elderly, infirm, and vulnerable persons, often during stressful life events (i.e. unexpected sudden death of spouse or child, medical diagnosis of terminal illness); Assist in determination of benefits eligibility and application completion; Read, translate, & relay legislative policy

Company: Government of Canada

I worked there from 3/2008 until 9/2014

Communication Specialist, US Tax

Create dynamic PowerPoint presentations; Create compelling website content including video scripts for home & landing pages; Creation of quarterly and annual report summaries for clients; Edit & proofread financial statements, annual reports, and other assorted tax support duties.

Company: Deloitte

I worked there from 2/2005 until 2/2007

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