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Copywriter for B2B Tech, Marketing, Business, Web Copy

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Love what you do and you never work a day in your life.

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IBM Systems Magazine - Make A Paper Plan

Use automated digital document management solutions to go digital


8 x 8 VoIP Review

8x8 prides itself on providing users with a secure and reliable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, and is used by upwards of one million global businesses, including the likes of McDonalds, Regus, and ReMax. Is 8x8 right for your business? Let’s take a closer look.


Every day ways you can use blockchain to support your small business

So you’ve read about blockchain, but now the question remains: How can you actually use it to grow and support your small business?


5 Ways Cognitive Biases Can Boost Your E-Commerce Conversions

There’s a lot of information to take in and process when you make a purchase decision. That’s where cognitive biases come in: by acting as “shortcuts” in our thought processes.


SIP vs. VoIP

SIP vs. VoIP: Both terms deal with communications that occur over an internet connection rather than the use of traditional phone lines. Skype and Apple’s FaceTime are examples of VoIP at work. SIP is the tech allowing those applications to operate securely and effectively. Think of VoIP as a car and SIP the engine that runs it.


Building Invincible Companies

How do you build invincible companies? For the answer, read on.


Profile of Insight Enterprises

With over 11,000 employees based worldwide, operating across 19 countries and boasting revenue of more than $9 billion in 2018, Insight is a company built on innovation and delivering technology solutions to clients of all sizes, enabling them to manage their IT environment for the benefit of today and tomorrow.


A Strategic Communications Guide For Small Business

Too many marketing companies promise big results yet only deliver vanity metrics—numbers that look good and mean nothing.


How To Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

A hard look at how you can maximize your marketing dollars.


The Benefits of Working In A Teaching Hospital (Physician Focus)

p 10 - 16: Many physicians will work in a teaching hospital during their residency years – perhaps longer if they chose to pursue a fellowship. But teaching hospitals are not only an essential workplace at the beginning of a physician’s career – they have much to offer throughout your career


The Key to Sustainable High Performance

James Hewitt, a performance scientist and researcher, highlights that peak performance does not arise from trying to imitate a machine but from understanding how to be more effective as a human.


The Benefits of Working Overseas (Physician Focus)

p 12 - 14 of link One of the best aspects of being medically qualified is the complete portability of your skills. Wherever you are in the world, people always need doctors. US-trained doctors are in demand in many places in the world; your choice of career and high-quality training gives you unparalleled opportunities to work overseas – whether in a paid position or in a voluntary role.


Growth hacking case studies

In our last blog post on growth hacking, we showed that relentless experimentation and data-based decisions are key components to growing your business. Here, we feature four case studies of formerly small businesses that used growth hacking to overcome common revenue and growth challenges.


Saving for Retirement (Physician Focus)

p 8 - 10 of link: Retirement planning is an essential but much underappreciated part of life for any profession. For physicians, planning for retirement presents its own particular challenges, including the high rates of burnout and the high debt levels upon entering the profession.


The Importance of Self Care for HCPs

As a healthcare provider, caring for your own health doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Techniques for self-care are easy to implement. However, prioritizing the time for self-care, especially during a busy 12-hour shift, is what can make caring for one’s own health and well being nearly impossible.


10 Steps To Prepare For A Job Interview

America’s fastest area of job growth is in healthcare. But this does not mean that any job you interview for is going to be guaranteed. That is why it is essential for you to be well prepared for the interview.


What Nurses Look for in a Job Offer

Recruiting and training additional nurses is a challenge within itself. However, another problem looms: retaining current nursing staff. Although the majority of nurses are happy with their current jobs, turn-over rates for nursing positions are considerably high – second only to the hospitality industry. Add to that the projected shortage of nurses and healthcare organizations may have difficulty satisfying their staffing needs.



B2B Copywriter/Writer/Editor/Blogger

Kickass B2B Copywriter and trained journalist with well honed writing skills. Avid IoT story teller able to produce engaging, persuasive content. Skills include web content writing, editing, story telling, blogging, content strategy. Areas of specialty include Tech, AI, B2B, Marketing, Business, HR and Finance. Skilled in producing content to expand digital footprint and increase conversions.

Company: MG

I worked there from 5/2008 until now

Public Relations Manager

Write press releases, executive bios, marketing collateral. Developed fund raising campaigns for corporate 'give back' programs Developed media relations within region.

Company: McDermott, Inc.

I worked there from 12/2006 until 4/2008

Public Relations Manager

Responsible for media relations Managed the public relations efforts for 6 countries within region. Write press releases and marketing collateral

Company: Seagate Technology, Inc.

I worked there from 1/2005 until 12/2006

Deputy Editor

Responsible for editing, copy-editing articles, news features and contributions from writers. Responsible for ensuring timely publication of the weekly magazine. Manage team of writers, artists and contributions Responsible for P & L of publication. Developed Special Projects to increase revenue stream.

Company: ComputerWorld

I worked there from 11/2000 until 12/2004

Writer/Features Editor

Writing News and Feature Articles on Computing Interview movers and shakers in IT

Company: Computer Times

I worked there from 5/1995 until 4/2000