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Copywriter for financial corporations

About Me

I help financial institutions build trust with their prospects with compelling and persuasive marketing content. 

For 7 years, I worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland in various customer service roles. I also have a master's degree in Cultural Anthropology and I am a NLP Practitioner. My background helps me understand your clients, not only in regard to their day-to-day business, but also on an emotional level.

I don't just write content. I have a great balance in being a technician (writing compelling and persuasive content) but I also have a strategic mind. I'm a fast learner and I understand complex issues, strategy, and vision. I love to look at the bigger picture and strategize to get maximum results out of the work I do for you. My clients trust me and value my opinion and work ethic.

Industry Insider

Working for RBS, I learned a lot about the financial institution industry. I started out as a regular first line client service representative for multinational corporate clients. Within a year of working as a client service agent, I became a senior client service rep and after that, I transferred to the second line where I worked as a billing specialist. I ended my 7-year career with RBS as a business analyst in charge of billing process improvements.

People Person

I've always had a thing for people, that is, for wanting to understand people of all nations, races, religions, and cultures. Maybe, it was about understanding myself, as a bi-cultural kid. Maybe it was just about making sense of the world. Whatever triggered this obsession, it's something that I take with me in everything I do. Writing is about speaking the language of the people you are trying to reach, and you can't speak their language if you don't understand them.

Focus on Results

I love to create beautiful content. But my content needs to drive results for my clients. Otherwise, it's worthless. That's why I continue to keep myself up to date with what works best in content marketing and sales. I think of copy and content writing as a mixture of science and art: you need the science for the results and you need the art for the emotional connection.

Millennial Reach

Trying to reach Millennials? I'm a 1984 - Yes, that's how old Millennials are! - Millennial. I know what language to use to address Millennials and I know what matters to them.

Industries I Write About


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My Writing Samples

Blog (one-pager)

I write a monthly blog for my client, in this one-pager, I explain the strategy behind the entire blog series.


Case Study (Dutch)

I also write in Dutch. This is a one-pager where I explain the strategy behind the case study I wrote for one of my clients.


How to Use Content as a Marketing Strategy

Blog about content marketing strategy.


Customer is King: How to Enhance Client Loyalty Through Customer Care.

Thought Leadership blog piece on customer service.



Finance Copywriter

I help financial institutions build trust with their prospects with compelling and persuasive marketing content.

Company: Happy by Design

I worked there from 8/2016 until now

Business Analyst

Responsible for communications, both written and verbal, regarding new products, processes, etc. to the billing team and external parties, in order to ensure the quality of the customer experience of the billing proces.

Company: The Royal Bank of Scotland

I worked there from 5/2013 until 1/2015

Billing Specialist

Responsible for the set up, investigation and analysation of client specific pricing agreements.

Company: The Royal Bank of Scotland

I worked there from 9/2011 until 4/2013

Senior Client Service Representative

Responsible for managing the day to day work and leading the client service team, existing of five employees.

Company: The Royal Bank of Scotland

I worked there from 12/2009 until 8/2011

Client Service Representative

Responsible for the communication with wholesale clients, analyzing and solving problems via phone and email.

Company: The Royal Bank of Scotland

I worked there from 10/2008 until 11/2009

Content I Write