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Karen Swyszcz


Founder of Makinthebacon, Co-founder of Kaibigan Connection

About Me

Founded Makinthebacon in 2012. Began as a personal finance blog but has been recently rebranded to focus on online business and entrepreneurship.

Written content for brands such as Camp Tech, Minted.com, Supperworks and Rush Order Tees Content creation services available HERE: bit.ly/2fhwlD9

Looking to start a blog, but don't know where to start? Let me help find the right strategy to get you started. -Blog coaching services available HERE: http://bit.ly/2fFgFpL -Interested in writing quality content, social media marketing,

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My Writing Samples

Your Progress is More Than You Think

Post about how every mistake and every new thing you try counts as progress


7 Ways To Bust Through Your Creativity Block

Post describing 7 different methods to help you get break through that pesky creativity block


Career Advice from Someone Who's Been In Your Shoes

Some practical honest career advice from someone who went through a drastic career change


Why An Online Business Is Ideal For An Introvert

Online businesses enable introverts to be their own bosses in that they can connect with people via Facebook groups, social media and email



Fitness Instructor

-Certified in Les Mills International Programs: BodyPump, BodyAttack -Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist

Company: GoodLife Fitness

I worked there from 4/2009 until now

Scraper Analyst

Maintains network health and uptime of webservers hosting scraper software Assists with general troubleshooting of webservers hosting scraper software Researching potential web host providers, assists in webserver setup Manages purchasing of new servers, responsible for billing Manages server inventory Responsible for the analysis and optimization of data collection Creation of reports on scraper cost, throughput and other metrics

Company: WhatRunsWhere

I worked there from 8/2015 until 1/2017

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