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Owner and Freelancer at Ford Editorial Services

About Me

I have 11+ years' experience writing and editing business content and marketing collateral, including social media, short- and long-form blogs and articles, emails and landing pages, e- and print books, and in-depth training resources. 

My sweet spot is taking highly complex (even dry) content and making it accessible and engaging to readers. I work with a wide range of industries (technology, real estate, leadership/professional development training, software, agriculture, construction, health care, and small business to name some), and I feel comfortable writing on most topics. 

In other words, regardless your industry or the size of your business, I can develop, write, edit and manage the content you need to execute a high-quality, customized content campaign. 

While my passion is writing, I served as an executive editor for 6 years and supervised a virtual team of full-time, part-time, and freelance writers, editors and designers. I bring to the table editing chops, strong communication and time-management skills, and an insider's understanding of both marketing and production. 

Check out my portfolio https://jaimyford.contently.com/!

Industries I Write About

Real Estate

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

6 Questions Smart IT Leaders Should Be Asking About Their Monitoring Tools

One of several blog posts developed for Riverbed, the leading provider of hyper converged networks, SD-WAN, WAN Optimization, and Application & Network Performance Software and Solutions.


A New SANs Survey Can Help You Spend Smarter on Security

One of several articles written for the monthly Gigamon newsletter. Gigamon is a developer of intelligent network visibility solutions that monitor, manage and deliver end-to-end visibility across enterprise data centers.


Technology and Humor Spell Success for Illinois Agent Matt Pittman

One of several articles written for McKissock's Real Estate Leader Blog. McKissock develops continuing education resources for the real estate industry.


The Big Data Advantage for Construction

One of several "technology for construction" pieces written for U.S. Cellular's America's Backbone website.


Website Copy for Netrist.com

I wrote the copy and made suggestions for functionality and design when Netrist overhauled their website.


Monitor Seniors at Home With M2M Technology

One of several "healthcare technology" pieces written for U.S.Cellular's America's Backbone website.


9 Ways Agile Software Management Can Benefit Your Team

One of several pieces written for Tempo, a developer of software and applications for software development and business teams.


What a Drone Could Do For Your Farm

One of several "technology in agriculture" pieces written for U.S. Cellular's America's Backbone webiste.


Content Marketing for Beginners

One of several "technology for small business owners" pieces written for U.S. Cellular's America's Backbone website.


Communication Briefings Subscription Newsletter

This is the web page for the 8-page monthly printed subscription newsletter I write for Capitol Information Group. The newsletter focuses on all things related to communication in the workplace.


A Lesson From the Reddit Mess

One of several pieces written for the Bud to Boss website, a learning resource for first-time leaders. I also manage this blog, publishing content two times per week.


How to Manage Awkward Conversations With Clients

One of several articles written for Intuit's Small Business Blog, a resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Profiting on Deflategate: Even Patriots Haters Pay Sales Tax

One of several pieces written for Avalara, a developer of automated tax software.


4 Reasons You Should Invest in VR--and They Have Nothing to Do With Games

One of several pieces written for Motus Worldwide, a provider of 3D and virtual solutions.



Owner and Freelancer

I develop, write and edit content, including learning and training resources, marketing collateral, articles, blogs and more.

Company: Ford Editorial Services

I worked there from 9/2012 until now


Writer and editor of three newsletters, several blogs and e-letters, social media and training resources.

Company: Columbia Books (Acquired Briefings Media Group)

I worked there from 2/2013 until 11/2014

Editorial Director/Executive Editor

I managed a remote editorial team from my home office. Under my direction, my team was responsible for creating three monthly subscription-based publications, eight e-letters and several blogs. In addition, we developed numerous training kits for the B2B audience.

Company: Briefings Media Group

I worked there from 7/2007 until 12/2012


I wrote and edited monthly subscription newsletters and training tools.

Company: Briefings Media Group

I worked there from 11/2005 until 7/2007

Content I Write