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Owner at No Plan B Dates/ Profile Ghostwriter/Public Speaker

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No matter which hat I wear, I believe in bringing more value than is required, as being key to success in any venture. As a woman of passion, vision, and purpose I believe in partnering with your own creative inspiration to smash "obstacles" and make your dreams come true in matters of love and life!

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Can I Taste the Inside of Your Mouth?

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So what is a dating and relationship coach? I lay the ground work for Men and Women to know who they are, who they want to be, and who they want in their life. I coach and support people everyday through the process of dating which by definition, is "practice" so that when you are in front of someone special, you are equipped to win! Dating at a "certain age" is a very different experience than when we were younger, and men face unique challenges in all of this as well! Most especially, If you're coming out of long term relationship, it can be hard to know where to even start! By recognizing that our intimate relationships are our highest level of attachment, explains why it's also so painful when these relationships end. ​ With my background in high level sales and as a personal coach, No Plan B Dates was born out of a desire to have my heart come through in all that I do. What I do is different, because of my no-nonsense approach to online dating. I'm clear and intentional about goals, how to get there, and I know how to market in a compelling way! You MUST stand above the thousands of un-inspiring profiles in "competition" for companionship. I'm also an experienced online "dater" myself. I'll never forget the very first time several years ago, I sat down to write my profile piece for an online dating site. I quickly saw the gaps that exist between men, and women in terms of "language" and it led me to research, learn and find the solutions for people seeking what we all need, above all,connection. I understand how challenging it can be, to convey the right message in your profile and in dating, but how frustrating it is to feel you're not getting the results you want. I give you the tools you need to attract, and keep the partner that you know you deserve. My Systematic Dating and Relationship Coaching program, was developed in collaboration with a Pacific Northwest marriage and couples therapist, who acts as a paid consultant for No Plan B Dates. ​

Company: No Plan B Dates

I worked there from 2/2011 until now

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