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Freelance Web Copywriter

About Me

I am currently an independent copywriter working to build my own business, and advancing my web copywriting work through marketing and advertising. Quality and efficiency are important in all jobs, along with the value of solid customer relationships and strong project management.

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Careers for Women: Advice from Those at the Top

Considering the many questions I have faced in my own journey toward professional goals, I wanted to do a little research on some advice that has been supplied to women from leading female executives and other professionals out in the business world. There are some steps to be taken by women that will help eliminate some of the challenges we face, but the opportunities are out there for great jobs and the ability to follow our dreams.


Organic Oncology Treatments

Blog about some of the natural treatment options that have become available for cancer patients.


Many Options and Benefits of Cannabidiol

While there are so many people out there who are worried about the parallels between CBD and marijuana, there is much for people to gain from the natural treatment that CBD oil is able to offer. This can be something as simple as skincare and reduced aging to something as helpful as stress relief or even weight loss. Some websites have incredible offers of these products for the benefit of people looking for natural treatments to many of their regular troubles.


The Many Benefits of Solar Cells

Plain and simple there is much to see from the potential of installation of solar panels and cells on or in any home or other building. With the cost savings that is gained from solar energy, there is so much that we have to benefit around the world for the inclusion of solar and other renewable energy in all buildings.


Role of Water in Sustainable Energy

There are so many more renewable energy systems than just wind and solar. Water is able to help keep the machines or turbines running that are energized from solar. A great deal more is added to renewable energy from the use of water as well.




Assisting with Project Administrative duties, Quality Assurance, and general project assistance with a new account

Company: Phototype

I worked there from 2/2015 until 5/2016

Freelance Writer

Writing various copy for external clients.

Company: Sara McIntosh - Freelance Web Copywriting

I worked there from 1/2013 until now

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