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Storyteller | Opinionator | Novelist | Educator | Coach

About Me

As a writer, I've written everything from website copy (on coffee beans) to opinions, most notably (for me) in the New York Times. I've written in Australia, London, Spain, Greece, China and the USA. I've written about people and places, travel and food, books and music, and life online. I've written travel guides, blog posts, magazine features, and newspaper fillers. I've written novels, and short stories and poems.  

As an educator, I call myself an English language and academic writing professional with broad experience in developing student (especially ESOL student) knowledge of and skills in academic culture and writing. I am passionate about teaching both in the physical and virtual classroom. I create simple yet extraordinary learning experiences which transform students into confident, logical, and expressive writers.

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My Writing Samples

Speed up or get out of the way

New York Times opinion piece on technology and speed of life.


Palimpsest: A Novel

PALIMPSEST is a book about high ideals and low obsessions, truth and identity, immigration, nationality and race; about what we believe and what happens when belief degenerates into fanaticism.


The Demons of Athens by Vrasidas Karalis

A review of the book for the Australian Book Review.


Above the Story Line by Bernard Cohen

A review of the book for the Australian Book Review.


Privacy is about individual choice, online and off

An opinion piece making the case that online and offline individual privacy still exists.




I pen book, music and theatre reviews, bang out interviews with jazz musicians, quantum scientists and archaeologists, contrive travel features, update travel guides, and author opinion pieces.

Company: Kathryn Koromilas

I worked there from 1/1998 until now

Subject Coordinator / Instructor

• Deliver, coordinate, administer enabling subjects: Writing at University, Grammar Essentials for Writing at University, Transition from TAFE/VET to University • Currently updating and developing the above for increased interactivity and gamification on the Blackboard platform • Write, develop and deliver course content in written, audio and visual modes for delivery on the Blackboard platform • Wrote and developed a new course, Transition from TAFE to University, which focused on academic culture, critical thinking and reading, and academic writing, with special focus on the expository and argumentative essay, logic transitions, coherence and the integration of evidential support • Wrote, developed and delivered intensive Academic Writing workshops which focused on the expository and argumentative essay writing, logic, coherence and the integration of evidential support • Deliver face-to-face instruction Student testimonials: "The thought of writing academic essays was daunting. I decided to find out what was expected and prepare myself and get some practical advice by doing an academic writing weekend workshop. It was interesting and challenging to get my head around, but we were given lots of practice and advice. The workshop manuals and reference material from the weekend are now dog eared and much used. This workshop helped me achieve a HD and a D in my first ever university subjects!" "The workshop held recently for the subject Writing at University was action-packed and fast-paced. Although it was intensive, students were left with tips, tricks and resources needed to enhance their academic writing skills. Delivered by Kathryn Koromilas, who was welcoming, energetic, and knowledgeable, the workshop was very interactive."

Company: Charles Sturt University

I worked there from 4/2012 until now

Academic Language Learning and Numeracy Adviser

• Deliver services and programs in line with the University English Language and Numeracy Policy • Provide academic language literacy advice and guidance to students and faculties • Develop and deliver high quality resources and programs to support students • Produce learning content for workshop delivery • Teach academic writing, specifically the expository and argumentative essay focusing on clear development of thesis, logical transitions between ideas, coherence and integration of evidential support. Student testimonials: "I just got the first decent mark for an essay in several years doing Information Studies, & it's thanks to the workshops you ran this semester. Understanding what's expected of me, after years without studying, really made the difference." "You have put me on track to write a reasonable essay/report for university.Your presentation was invigorating and has stimulated me to develop on the knowledge gained." "Your spirit and presentation style connected with my learning part of the brain YES! It is sinking in...Thank you for lecturers like you who are committed to sharing and educating."

Company: Charles Sturt University

I worked there from 2/2014 until now

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