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About Me

Combining NCTJ-approved journalism training with six years' experience running the press office at Plain English Campaign, I am particularly skilled at writing on a variety of subjects in a clear and concise manner. I can explain complicated subjects in a simple but accurate way that is appropriate to the intended audience.

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My Writing Samples

The Effects Of Virtual Reality On Software Development

A white paper which is informative and detailed but still clear and readable.


7 Questions To Help You Choose The Right Employee Benefit Scheme

A blog post with credible, useful information to help readers while promoting the provider’s expertise


Five Benefits Of Visualising Customer Location

A blog post using multiple analogies and angles to make a conceptual point more concrete.


What Is Open Outcry?

An ‘explainer’ which combines both a broad overview and some specific illustrative detail.


Turing Test 'Pass' Doesn't Convince All

A news article which goes beyond the headline to put the story into context.


Vizio Smart TVs Spied on Users; Sold Data to Ad Firms

A news article aimed at older readers who have an interest in technology but aren’t always familiar with the jargon and detail


How Do I Reduce The Soap Opera Effect On My LED TV

A piece designed to address a question that ranked high in searches but had few clear and accurate answers



Freelance Writer

Company: John Lister Writing

I worked there from 2/2005 until now

Press Officer

My work included a quarterly magazine, a weekly e-mail newsletter and numerous press releases. I wrote, edited and designed more than 20 editions of Plain English, the Campaign's magazine. As well as producing a lively, engaging publication, I had to take particular care that the magazine reflected the Campaign's commitment to clarity. I launched a weekly electronic newsletter sent to the Campaign's supporters. I wrote around 250 editions and built up a readership of more than 10,000 people in 80 countries. The newsletter was designed to be informative and entertaining in a concise format. Effective press releases were a key part of Plain English Campaign's publicity, to the point that I was soon able to remove the need for any form of paid advertising. Given the nature of the organisation, producing clear, concise and effective releases wasn't just a necessity for effectiveness: it was the only way of avoiding a charge of hypocrisy!

Company: Plain English Campaign

I worked there from 9/1998 until 1/2005

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