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Writer, Editor, Publisher at Inclusive Media Solutions LLC

About Me

Ebonye Gussine Wilkins is a social justice writer, editor, and indie publisher and the Chief Executive Officer of Inclusive Media Solutions LLC. She has provided significant editorial support—in-house and remote—to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, including the City of New York. Ebonye specializes in copy editing and developmental editing using the Chicago Manual of Style.

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

The US Farm Bill: Corporate Power and Structural Racialization of the US Food System

Copyeditor, Layout, Production


Othering & Belonging Post-Conference Report

Writer, Copyeditor, Editor, and Production


Women & STEM: It's Not Just a Numbers Problem

When it comes to women and STEM, there is a lot of talk of pipeline, bias, and unequal earnings. While these aspects are important parts of the picture, stories of women in STEM cannot be told without addressing a fundamental and core issue—inclusion.


Black Mom, White Mom: How to Talk to Kids About Race

Two moms have a candid conversation about the challenges of raising children in a society where despite movements for change, race still matters.


Twenty-Five Years: Celebrating the Passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act

In 1990, Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), legislation that attempted to outline and enforce policies to break down barriers for people with disabilities in modern American society. Before the passage of the ADA, persons with physical and/or mental disabilities were largely excluded from participating in society. They were discriminated against with respect to employment, access to public spaces, resources, and many more options that most people without disabilities take for granted.


Non-Profit eNewsletter

A bi-weekly curated summary of organization news, updates, and events.


Press Release Sample

A non-profit organization released a publication announcing a new report that measured marginality and inclusion.


Advancing Racial Equity in Government at National Conference on Racial Justice

An informative article about an conference.



President and Publisher

A small, privately owned publishing house specializing in fiction and non-fiction from people of color about the American Experience.

Company: August Rose Press

I worked there from 9/2013 until now

Freelance Editor & Writer

Freelance writing, developmental editing, copyediting, and blogging.

Company: Ebonye Gussine Wilkins

I worked there from 9/2011 until now

Communications Associate

Specialist in media communications for the advancement of social justice.

Company: Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

I worked there from 2/2015 until now

Writer, Editor, Creative Director

Inclusive Media Solutions LLC is an editorial and pre-publication services company aimed at organizations and businesses that want to positively impact inclusion and representation in media. However, we've worked with clients outside of this focus. We leverage vetted, well-read editorial professionals to ensure that not only are multiple perspectives offered but also that individuals with diverse identities are the ones making editorial suggestions and decisions.

Company: Inclusive Media Solutions LLC

I worked there from 11/2017 until now

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