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Former high school English lit, drama, and journalism teacher. Full-time ghostwriter-for-hire since 2013, specializing in blog posts, web copy, articles, email campaigns, and ebooks. I've written on everything from blockchain to zinc neutering. I'm confident writing about virtually anything, and in a wide variety of styles and tones.  

International expat for 12+ years with stops in Beijing, Dubai, Shanghai, & Guangzhou. Dad to a high school junior & a Portuguese water dog. Lover of funny things & people. Oh, and craft beer. 

That's me, the Cliff Notes version. 

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9 Marketing Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making

Marketing is simple, right? Anyone can do it—you just get the word out to entice people to buy your service or product. Nope. Marketing is simple in theory, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy in reality.


The Funny Twitter Bio And Why You Need One

We’re all online looking for someone. Our next fan, follower, employee, lover, business partner, critic, cheerleader, investor, mark, or exorcist (that last one is admittedly rather specific to my needs this week). If you want to stand out on Twitter, you've got to be memorable in some way. Your best bet? Make 'em laugh.


How to Turn Cold Facebook Traffic into Red Hot Leads

Facebook is king because of the size of its audience. It's unparalleled for its potential to send wave after wave of traffic to your site or landing page. But cold traffic does not a sale guarantee. You've got to warm it up a bit.


Eat the Frog, Dagnabit!

Have something you're dreading? Keep putting it off and pushing it back? You're doing it wrong. You've got to eat that frog for breakfast.


Email Marketing and Dynamic Segmentation

No other channel has as high a return-on-investment as email. It currently sits at about $42 for every $1 spent. Want to supercharge an already supersonic strategy? You've got to segment, baby.


The Zen of Shareability

What's the secret to sharing content online? Is there a secret? Read on to find out (hint: yes, there is).




Ghostwriter for a wide variety of brands and businesses, including blog posts, articles, and ebooks.

Company: Content Conquered

I worked there from 10/2015 until 11/2019


Writer for various accounts, including web content (blog posts and articles), email campaigns, web copy, and product description.

Company: Exhale Marketing

I worked there from 3/2014 until 6/2017


Professional copywriting and web content, including blog posts, articles, email campaigns, web copy, and landing pages. Need words? Let's talk.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 7/2013 until now


Ghostwriter for various brands and industries, including blog posts, articles, press releases, and web copy.

Company: Bright Light Content

I worked there from 8/2019 until now


Freelance writer and editor for blog posts, promotional material, and more.

Company: Nurosene

I worked there from 11/2020 until now

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