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Writer - Health, Small Business & Legal

About Me

I am currently accepting new clients. 

Are you a small business? A one man (or woman) show? Have I got a deal for you! Let me work with you to find a budget friendly content solution.

Do you need a captivating business story told? One that will engage your readers and bring your brand to life? If so, we need to talk. Whether you are a major corporation running multiple locations, or a one man show working out of your garage, I can help you reach your customers and find new ones. That’s what I do.

Business Writer * Social Media * Branding * Copywriter

I work with businesses to create web content that leaps off the page (or screen) to inform, educate, and engage, leading to social sharing, conversion, and return visits. I do it all: blog posts, articles, social media management, website content, press releases – you get the idea.

Aside from business writing, my focus lately has been primarily legal content: attorney websites, legal blogs, and scripts for videos. Other industries I work with regularly include disaster (prep, recovery, response), food, pest control, real estate, health & wellness, education, career, lifestyle, and pets.

I've written and published 14 books. Currently, I'm working on one that helps small businesses develop a crisis communication plan – a throwback from my days at FEMA.

My work as an analyst/disaster response specialist with FEMA in Washington, D.C. gave me a unique insight into disaster prep, response, and recovery. I helped individuals and businesses recovering from major disasters (including hurricanes Katrina and Sandy), as well as providing educational material for disaster prep.

When I left the agency, I used what I learned in the disaster arena to help businesses thrive and survive. There are many lessons to be learned there.

If you're looking for in-depth, well researched articles, I'm definitely your girl. I've written research heavy pieces for many clients including the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery, WebMD, The Spruce, University of Phoenix, Wisconsin Urgent Care, Axon Optics, and Health Plan Senior.

I've also worked with Polaroid, Home Depot, Apartment Therapy, MapQuest, AT&T, Valpak, CityPages, and Rent.com.

I’d love to add you.

Areas of Expertise:

Topics of Interest:

Business * Legal * Marketing * Health * Outdoors * Camping * RV/Full-Timing * Disaster Recovery, Preparation, General Info * Parenting * Travel * Real Estate * Pets * Philosophy * Politics

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Writer for Small Business and Non Profits Marketing

Branding, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Blog Posts, Copywriting, Web Content, Press Releases/Media Advisories, Policy, Media Kit, Non-Profit Sponsor Package/Fundraiser, Sales Copy and Marketing Materials, Product Descriptions, Ecommerce, Copy Editing (Catalog, Magazine, Ezine, Web Retail, etc.), Technical Writing, End User Manuals and Training Materials, Legal

Company: Freelance Writer

I worked there from 3/1993 until now

Technical Writer and Program Management Analyse

Technical Writing, Copywriting, Press Releases, Web Content, Disaster Education Material, Documentary and Disaster Video Scripts, Disaster Clean Up Instruction Material, FOIA Analyst, Quality Control, Report of Survey/Board of Survey, SOP, Policy Writer.

Company: Federal Emergency Management Agency

I worked there from 9/2005 until 3/2013

Content I Write