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Lead, Fresh Ground Collective

About Me

Everyone has a story; it makes us human. This desire to hear, share and create stories informs my work as a marketer. It doesn’t matter if my client is in cloud computing, mobile development, content management, marketing automation, display technologies, marketing technology, sustainability or software development, they all have stories to tell. Corporate marketers use language like message development, media relations strategy, corporate positioning, or providing communications counsel, but really it's about connecting people with ideas. Today it's much easier to share our stories though a bevy of social channels and as marketers we often need to think visually, so we use video, images and graphics in addition to well-written text. I've written my share of bylined articles and no matter how technical, at the heart of everything remains a good story with characters, plot, tension and an ending. What's your story?

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My Writing Samples

Loving Them, And Letting Them Grow

We owe it to our children to let them experience life without us. Only then can they become the people we truly want them to be.


Making Data Magic: Predictive Analytics More than Just Spells

True predictive analytics is possible only when you do two things correctly: Ask the right questions and have the right data. Without addressing those two key issues, your “magic” will make you look like a foolish side-show magician.


Innovation spurs the economy

We must find a way to connect manufacturers with these startups and keep those jobs growing here. That includes inventors, PhDs, designers, equipment operators, assemblers and shippers who help develop the products, right on through to the people needed to operate equipment, do assembly, and ship. It benefits Massachusetts at every level.


Case Study: Aquent partners with Appsembler to create a scalable online education program

The Aquent online learning platform is one the best content marketing programs the company has ever run. Not only does it attract a growing number of creatives to act as job candidates for Aquent’s roster of clients, but the education helps train those candidates to become better employees. Aquent also trains current employees of its clients using the same system. With growth comes pains, though, and Aquent strained its existing platform to the limits.




Working to establish the nation's first suburban innovation district in a 500-acre area bordering the Town of Needham and the City of Newton.

Company: N2 Innovation District

I worked there from 8/2016 until now

Chief Organizer

Each week a group of experienced independent marketers, writers, editors and public relations folks gather to discuss their jobs, their lives and the changing business climate. I bring them together, attract guest speakers and keep the conversation lively.

Company: The Hive

I worked there from 8/2016 until now

Collective Lead

Branding, Marketing, Messaging and Communications. My work includes developing corporate messaging, writing research reports, developing case studies, planning and executing thought leadership strategies and creating media relations programs. I fill in the blanks for companies of all sizes. Clients include Navisite, MassEcon, Barismo, Appsembler, RedPoint Global and Attivio.

Company: Fresh Ground Collective

I worked there from 2/2016 until now

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